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Ewbank Floor Polisher, EP170UKR


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General Information

Ewbank Floor Polisher, 160 W, Red – features:

  • Suitable for all hard floor types, including laminate, wood, vinyl, marble and granite
  • Telescopic handle with comfort butterfly grip and integrated cable storage
  • 24 cm wide polishing/cleaning path
  • Floor Polisher
  • Full range of interchangeable and reusable pads for any cleaning need
  • Contra-rotating discs spin at 2,200rpm to deliver excellent performance

Lightweight and powerful, the Ewbank floor polishing machine works just like a commercial machine, with a telescopic butterfly handle that may be used with two hands, or closed for single handed operation. Effortlessly polish all sealed hard floors to a high shine, or quickly buff up your floor, to reintroduce to life with the microfibre pads supplied. Also the Ewbank floor polisher may be used to easily clean, scour or wash any hard floor with the pads and brushes included. Note: This machine is intended to work under own weight only. Adding extra weight will because premature machine failure and will invalidate your ensure.

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Elmo Dog Faux Leather Sofa Dog Bed Dog Cushion Basket Size: XXL – 100 x 140 cm vs EP170-UKR

Elmo we offer note that the pictured Dog Sofa Dog Beds In 5 Sizes, and available in different colours. The dog bed is made from fake leather. For all sofas we give you a free small pillow. The Elite High Bed is robust and comfy – good for any dog. Elmo s (50 x 70 cm) For Small Breeds Of Dogs West Highland White Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug, Cavalier, teckel Elmo M (80 x 65 cm) For Medium Dogs – up to approx. 45 cm,, Cocker Spaniels, Beagle, Whippet, Mittel Medium Poodle Bull Terrier Elmo L (100 x 80 cm) For big Dog Breeds – up to approx. 55 cm border collie, Labrador, Golden Retriever, English Setter, English BulldogElmo XL (120 x 90 cm) For big Dog Breeds With A Length Of Up To Approx. 68 cm, Alsatian, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dogue de Bordeaux, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky Elmo XXL (140 x 100 cm) For Tosa Inu, dog or two dogs.

18 inch Black Nappa Padded Leather Collar with Two Rows of Awesome Brass Spikes – 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide

Cool Nappa Padded Leather band we’re happy to present you our brand new product – Leather Buckle band with Awesome Brass Spikes We bet that you have never seen anything like this before it seems really royal – exactly what your doggy needs. In fact, except pretty look, this band has lots of benefits we’re sure that your doggy will be fascinating with this band Know why already now: This band isn’t a fur-damaging one. It’s padded with special Nappa leather – it’s much softer than the common one and has beautiful just tone. No rubbing and skin irritation throughout wearing Besides, it has a special leather tip that covers the buckle inside so it does not pull and knot your doggy’s fur. It’s very strong as it’s made of high quality real leather This band is certainly not the thing to tear and wear in a month. It’ll serve your dog for many years It has a design of a large belt so it will not cut into your dog’s skin The fittings are brass-made,, strong and long-lasting. The band looks awesome and perfectly matches with courage and strength of your doggy be told that: There will be a total of 5 holes and the distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm). As an example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm) and you decide size 20″”. The band will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm). There will be 2 smaller size holes – 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inches (47. 5 cm). There will be 2 bigger size holes – 21 inch (52. 5 cm) and 22 inches (55 cm). There will also be tip of the band after the last hole about 4 inches long (10 cm). 2 Ply leather collars and padded leather collars are 2 inch bigger flat on the table to be sure that it’ll fit your dog.

Hozelock Tricoflex Ultramax Hose, Grey, 19 mm x 50 m vs EP-170UKR

TNT anti-turn technology assures the hose doesn’t turn under pressure allowing a uninterrupted flow of water and removes the frustrations caused by a hose kinking. Soft & flex technology delivers superb resistance to kinking, giving the feeling of lightness and flexibility allowing you to manoeuvre your hose effortlessly around the garden with minimal effort or fuss. Weatherproof with UV and frost protection guarantees that your hose may be used effectively in a range of climates from -20°C up to 40°C. 3D Ergo Ribs run the full length of the hose, improving the feeling in hand, making the hose more comfy to use.

Bosch PRA Multi Power Cordless Portable Radio (Without Battery and Charger)

The PRA MultiPower Radio offers high sound quality and has different alternatives for connecting to mobile devices. Also to a Bluetooth interface, this mobile speaker has two secondary inputs direct access to music. The fitted tuner receives FM and AM stations, 10 FM and AM stations may be stored.

JINCHAO Dog Harness Leash Security Heavy Duty Denim Dogs Adjustable No-Pull Harness Cat Leash Collar for Large/Medium/Small Pet Dogs Training Walking vs EP-170-UKR

JINCHAO Quality ensure: Constructed out of two thick layers of jeans & nylon for durability and longevity. Comfort control to your pet. Made with heavy responsibility hardware, the clasp that holds the leash to the harness fastens securely, metal is greatly tolerant to wear and rust. Yellow stitch is meticulously executed to ensure exact placement and maximize the strength of harness and leash. Buy the right size: Measure your dog’s girth by wrapping a tape measure around your dog’s chest, just behind the front legs. Use the size below to find correct fit. Extra-small: 10. 2″ – 13. 8″ (weight: below 5 lb) Small: 15. 0″ – 18. 9″ (weight: 5-14 lb) Medium: 16. 9″ – 21. 7″ (weight: 14-25 lb) big: 19. 7″ – 29. 9″ (weight: 23-60 lb) IMPORTANT NOTE: Pet size and form differ for the same breed. Weight listed are for reference only, Chest Girth measurement gives the most correct sizing, measure your pet before order Package Include: 1 x Harness 1 x Leash Warranty: 60 days money-back & 18 months warranty. Do not hesitate to contact us if any questions you have. We’ll answer you inside 24hours.

CHIC 2000 3-in-1 Bayer Combi Emotion Pflaume Doll’s Pram

Mix 3 in 1 feeling ALL IN Combi doll pram as well as Carrycot, doll car seat and a stroller attachment on the modern base. The stroller comes with a 3-point safety belt and may be used in the same direction, also as facing to the doll Mummy. The Carrycot cover also serves as cover for the stroller attachment seat. Travel is a breeze caused by the swivelling front wheels. The height-adjustable handlebar varies from 55-82 cm. To let the pram to grow with the child. All needed accessories may be transported in the big cargo net. This Chic 2000 doll prams will delight every doll mum. The luxury isn’t only stylish, however also practical simultaneously, because it offers three different functions. The feeling may be transformed from pram to stroller in the blink of an eye. The carrycot for the baby doll may also be removed and acts as a separate possibility of carrying and mobile sleeping place for the baby doll. And do not forget to strap dolly in the car seat in this set carefully for her drive in the car Dimensions: 70 x 43 x 77 cm suited for dolls up to 52cm Material: Steel, plastic and textiles ATTENTION Risk of suffocation from small swallowable small parts unsuitable for kids under 3 years of age, since.

Arthur Price Baguette 44 18/10 Stainless Steel 6 Person Boxed Cutlery Set Arthur Price Baguette 44 Piece 6 Person Boxed Cutlery Set, Stainless Steel, vs EP170UKR price

Arthur price baguette 18/10 Stainless Steel 44 part 6 person boxed cutlery set. Timeless classic patterns with remaining inheritance produced with commitment to the finest quality, manufacturing and service. They are the hallmarks of Arthur price, where traditions of 5 generations go into creating every part of cutlery. Let our exceptional design inheritance transform your dining experience. Deliciously simple every day classics blend form and function so each knife, fork and spoon is pleasurably tactile, beautifully balanced and flawlessly sculptured. With liquid lines Baguette’s understated pattern compliments both conventional and modern settings. This baguette 44 part box set for 6 people comprises of:- 6 x table knives, 6 x table forks, 6 x dessert knives, 6 x dessert forks, 6 x soup spoons, 6 x dessert spoons, 6 x teaspoons and 2 x serving spoons. All made from the finest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel, dishwasher safe, so there will be no labouring over the washing up and a 50 year manufactures no quibble ensure which will ensure your peace of mind.

Star Wars Angry Birds Star Destroyer Telepods Playset

Star Wars mad Birds Star Destroyer Set Bird figures: Capt. Panaka Jedi Youngling Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala & Luke Skywalker Pig figures: Emperor Palatine Darth Vader Zam Wesell Droideka & Storm Trooper suggested for ages 5+ 2 ways to play Set 5 bird figures on blocks and launch 3 bird figures w/light saber launcher.

Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug – Sun/Insect/Fly Protection – Choose Size vs EP170UKR review

Mark Todd Air Mesh Combo Fly Rug Blue & Tan A great, light weight summer rug from the Mark Todd collection. A multi function sheet which will protect against biting insects also as giving protection from the sun, helping to keep your horse cool. Outer/Inner: Open Weave mesh outer Fastenings: Two front buckles with hook and loop fastening, three hook and loop fastenings on the stomach flap, 3 click-able neck tabs, adjustable leg straps Features: Cotton and open weave mesh outer allowing air circulation. UV protection and protections from biting insects. Nylon shoulder protection and a gusseted rear flap.

Coffeeduck Pad For Senseo Quadrante & Latte HD7850, HD7860, HD7825, HD7863

The principal of the “Senseo” is alike to the “espresso-system” which is well know in the hotel and restaurant business. The coffee pads generally contain good ground cofee, which is usually longer roasted than regular coffee. Be sure you generally use good ground coffee for the best results, preferably “espresso” coffee. Using medium or coarse ground coffee will influence the taste of your coffee.

Atkins Endulge Crispy Milk Chocolate, Low Carb, Low Sugar Snack Bar, 15 x 30g

The delicious Atkins Endulge Crispy Milk Chocolate bar is low in sugar and low in affect carbs, giving you a chocolate fix without the common sugar crash that follows. Rich, creamy milk chocolate is filled with crispy pieces for a satisfying snack to keep you going between meals. Atkins’ Endulge range is intended to offer healthier alternatives to sugary, sweet treats, helping you maintain a low carb, low sugar lifestyle. Atkins offers 40 years’ experience and support from scientific studies to advertise a more balanced, healthier diet. The Atkins Endulge range keeps alternatives open when it comes to low carb, low sugar snacking, with a selection of merchandise intended to tackle sugar cravings while you continue on your journey towards better in general health and weight-wellness objectives.

Luxembourg White Dressing Table Stool Mirror Set 4 Drawers Bedroom Dresser vs EP170UKR pricing

Free up your bathroom and other bedroom surfaces by picking our Luxembourg White Dressing Set as the perfect place to store or display all your merchandise, perfumes or another beauty essentials. Painted smart white, the dressing set will lend sophistication to any decor and will complement perfectly the other things in our Laura James White furniture range.

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