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Bosch Professional GWS 060193A307


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General Information

Bosch Professional GWS 18-125 V-LI Cordless Angle Grinder (Without Battery and Charger) – Carton – features:

  • Bosch Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime
  • Practical battery charge level indicator: constantly shows how much energy is left in the battery
  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
  • Cool Pack batteries ensure optimum heat dissipation and therefore increase lifetime by up to 100

Intended to work with bigger 125 mm grinding discs gives the GWS 18-125 V-LI Professional an exceptional material elimination rate and cutting performance for its class. The robust and lasting Bosch intended 4-pole high-performance motor, Bosch Electronic Motor Protection and Bosch Electronic Cell Protection all give to an remaining tool lifetime.

Bosch Professional GWS 060193A307 – compare with similar products:

11125 5" 240V vs 060193-A307

GWS 11-125 Professional angle grinder Powerful 1100 watt motor for fast work progress High work efficiency caused by long lifetime and carbon brush lifetime Ergonomic form for maximum control in different grip positions Direct cooling for high overload capability and long lifetime Anti-rotation protecting guard – quickly and easily adjustable, gives dependable protection Gear head may be rotated in 90° steps Handle may be used on right or left Technical data Rated power input: 1. 100 W No-load speed: 11. 500 rpm Disc diameter: 125 mm.

Powerplus 18v Liion 115mm with & Charger POWX0079LI 3 Year Home User Warranty

Powerplus 18v Li-ion Cordless 115mm Angle Grinder, Battery & Charger POWX0079LI NEW GENERATION POWERPLUS – 'One Fits All' This great new vary from Powerplus brings a great range of 18v Cordless Lithium Ion 18v tools to the market with interchangeable batteries enabling you to build a great range of cordless high performance tools. Total portability without the need for trailing cables with this 115mm diameter, 18v Cordless Li-ion angle grinder. Technical specification: • Soft grip handle • 1. 5Ah battery and 1 hour charger • 2 position side handle • Spindle lock • Lock on switch • From 18v Interchangeable Battery 7 Power Tool Range • 3 Year Home User Warranty Disc not included •well-matched Disc: KRT082011 suits this Angle Grinder.

Panasonic EY4640X31 14.4V vs 060193A-307

Panasonic EY4640X31 14. 4V Cordless 115mm Angle Grinder (Body Only),TOUGH TOOL IP – IP56 Approval, Standard disc diameter of 115mm for handling of common accessories,thin, tapered motor housing for comfy working,Safety function, when battery is put in at switch “on”,well-matched to all 14. 4V Li-Ion batteries The EY464LZ1S is compact, lightweight and comfy to use thanks to the thin, tapered motor housing which lets the unit to sit securely and comfortably in the hand of the operator. It’s also smooth running and comparatively calm in operation. The rubberized grip gives extra safety when holding the unit when working overhead or to the side. It includes a safety cut out function which prevents the unit from re-starting should the switch be left in the ‘on’ position when the battery is changed.

Makita DGA504ZJ1 125 mm 18 V Brushless LiIon with Makpac Case

Makita DGA504ZJ1 Angle Grinder 18V Cordless Li-ion Brushless 125mm with Lock Nut Wrench, Side Handle, Guard, Abrasive Wheel and Makpac Connector Case (Body Only). NO batteries or charger included. The Makita DGA504 comes with a greatly improved Brushless DC motor. A fitted controller changes the cutting speed automatically as indicated by load condition, enabling users to get quick rotation on light responsibility application/ high torque on heavy responsibility application. Constant speed under load – automatically changes the cutting speed as indicated by load condition for an optimum performance. High power motor. Anti-restart function – prevents accidental start up for safety. Soft start feature. Battery fuel gauge LED’s – also warns that anti-restart function and current limiter have been activated. Rubberised soft grip. Electronic current limiter for overload protection. Slide switch conveniently located for one hand operation. XPT – Extreme Protection Technology – for use in outdoor applications or severe environments. Machine well-matched with Makita BL1830, BL1840 and BL1850 batteries. NOTE – BATTERIES OR CHARGER aren’t INCLUDED.

Advanced XSProSPEC 7100 Mini Slim Grip 100mm / 4" 720w 110v Pack of 1 vs 060193-A-307

The GWS 7-100 small angle grinders are powerful, useful tools from Bosch for working on metal – the restart protection and KickBack Stop ensure safety. Features & Benefits:- Smallest grip circumference 176mm in comparison to other angle grinders in its wattage class for especially comfy working- Powerful 720-watt motor and a weight of only 1. 9kg for uninterrupted use- Flat gear head for convenient working, in tight spaces- Specially worked on air inlets ensure optimum motor cooling for a longer lifetime- Anti-rotation protecting guard for a high level of user protection- Bosch safety switch assures controlled switching-on of the machine – for greater user protectionSpecifications:Rated power input: 720 WNo-load speed: 11. 000 rpmGrinding spindle thread: M10Disc diameter: 100 mmRubber sanding plate, diameter: 100 mmWire cup brush, diameter: 70 mmWeight: 1,8 kg Functions:Champion motorDirect coolingAnti-rotation protecting guardComes with:Backing flange Locking nut Two-hole spanner secondary handleProtective guard.. –.

Hitachi G23SS 110V 230mm

Hitachi introduce G23SS 110V – 230mm (9 in) Angle Grinder. The G23SS was built using high quality materials. The G23SS offers performance and durability. Capacity: Wheel Diameter: 230mm (9″) Hole Diameter: 22mm (7/8″) Spindle Thread: M14 x 2. Power Input: 1,900W No Load Speed 6,600/min. In general Length 463mm (18-7/32″) Weight: 4. 3kg (9. 5lbs. ) Standard Accessories: Side Handle, Wrench.

Makita 9565CR 5 Inch /125mm 1400 watts 110v vs 060193A307 price

The Makita model 9565CR is a 125mm / 5 inch angle grinder with a powerful 1400 watt motor. This grinder features an anti-restart function to prevent accidental start-up and SJS technology for decreasing machine vibration. The ergonomic easy to grip design is achieved through interior brush holders enabling the machine circumference to be flat without protrusions.

Metabo W 18 LTX 125 602174890 125 mm 18 V Power Extreme Body Only

Metabo W 18 LTX 125mm 18V Cordless Power Extreme Grinder Body Only 602174890Slim design for prolonged comfort when working overhead or in regions with restricted space Robust motor for long service lifeTool-free adjustable guard; turn-evidence Battery pack may be swivelled for better working in hard to reach places.

Makita GA7020 2000W240V 7inch/180mm vs 060193A307 review

Makita GA7020 7″/180mm Angle Grinder 2000W complete with lock nut wrench, side handle and wheel guard. Available in 110 or 240 volts. Powerful 8,500 RPM motor lets for fast stock elimination,protecting Zig-Zag anti-dust varnish seals the motor from debris by forming an impenetrable barrier under rotation for longer life,Labyrinth construction seals the motor from dust and debris by creating a complex set of channels prohibiting contagion,big rubber tool rest for extra convenience, Vibration absorbing side grip for comfy work,Great for Welders, Fabricators, Masons, Maintenance/fix etc,AC/DC switch for use with alternative power source,Double insulated.

Makita GA9020KD 230 mm 2000 W Paddle Switch with Diamond Blade Carry Case Blue (5Piece)

GA9020 models have been worked on as the replacement models to the predecessor 9067/ 9069 series models, featuring durability higher than the predecessors. Also the following optional accessories will supply more comfort and control; vibration absorbing side grip for comfy work. Toolless wheel cover for fast modification. Dust cover attachment.

Draper 20505 2100W 230V 230mm

All Draper tools are made to high quality standards that are strictly controlled by Draper’s quality control engineers. Each product offers good value for money and is filled with useful features to enhance its performance. All Draper merchandise come supported by the Draper Tools ensure. Draper Tools is a family-run company that was selling high-quality tools in the United Kingdom and beyond for more than 90 years. To bring you the tool you need, the Draper purchasing team resources groundbreaking merchandise, which adhere to rigorous ethical and quality standards, from all around the globe.

HITACHI G18DBAL 18V Brushless BODY ONLY vs 060193A307 pricing

Features- High specification angle grinder Multiplex protection circuit for maximum battery life High torque design Low gear cover height for easier access to confined regions Slimline soft grip Low battery display Bottom mounted switch Features- 3 Year Warranty (registration obliged inside 4 weeks of buy) Wheel dia. 115mm Arbor 22mm No-Load Speed 9000/min Voltage 18V Weight 1. 8kg Standard Accessories- Pin spanner Grinding wheel BODY ONLY.

Other Models:
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060193A304 0.601.850.M03 06019F2002
GWS18VLI 060179D072 0601882L73
06019G3102 060179D070 060179D060
060193A374 0601891C00 06033C6001
060193A307 GWS11125AVH2 060179E077
GWS11125AVH1 GWS1215CI1 060179B062
GWS18125VLiN GWS9115AVH1 GWS 1000
GWS18125VLi 06019F2000 06019B6972
GBH18VLICP 1600A004ZN 06019D0202
06033B1300 HB25M GMS 120
GSB182LI 060186717N GBH36VECMD
061599403U HMT84M421B 06019B1371
1600A00C4A GBA1082SET PMF 10.8 LI
1600A0049P GSR1082Li BHN12CAR
WL-H0YI-SSOG 06019D9370 061599405U
0601B30460 GEX1251AE2 0601072C00
0601066E02 FSN2100 BGOP250CE/110V
06008A7370 MUM48R1GB 06008A4173
BSH618907. 06019D4002 06019F3070
ART 26-18 LI BGL8AAAAGB 06039A4172
0603B04300 06039A3370 06033C5070
0603B05000 GSR18VECFC2CG 06019E7170
06015A6101 06019F6070 060395537B
GBS75AE2 F016103596 0601B22541
4X-MMLU-QON2 06033A6070 POWERBOX502
06019G1103 0601096A00 0611903R02
MUM58720GB PBD 40 1.600.Z00.000
060186717E PTS 10 TDS3561GB
GOS108V17LBX 06008A0501 RT412D
MCM62020GB S2-8M3V-QQ9H TKA8633
TDS6081GB 06019D0270 0603B04400
TAS2002GB 06033A4070 06019B9103
06019C8004 1600A0018C GSB1600RE2
0600847K70 BSGL5AL2GB GSK50
GSB16RE2 0600836E42 GDS18VLICP
F016800380 AQT 37-13 0603B11070
TAS1252GB 061190400A TAS5542GB
060088A170 06019E1170 1600Z0000A
0603B05200 0611903R7F 06012A0301
BGL4PETGB 06008A7500 TDI9020GB
0603B10170 06039A337A


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