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V320-004R – MSI GEFORCE GTX 960 GAMING 2G, 2GB GDDR5, DIRECTX 12, OPENGL 4. 4, 1X DVI, 1X HDMI, 3X DISPLAYPORT. PCIE 3. 0 / 2 GB GDDR5 128bit 7. 01GHz / 1190MHz / 1024 cuda cores / DX12 / Boost2. 0 / DVI+HDMI+3xDP.

MSI NVIDIA Gtx GTX 960 GAMING 2G – compare with similar products:

950 GDDR5 18-Bit Twin Frozr V Fan DL-DVI-I/HDMI/DP 3 DX1 vs GTX 960 GAMING 2-G

Gaming starts with the GeForce GTX 950. This is a true gaming GPU intended for each PC gamer. It is built to the exacting plans of the GeForce GTX family and powered by NVIDIA Maxwell-the most advanced GPU architecture ever produced-to deliver 3x the performance of last-generation cards. FULL HD PERFORMANCE Maxwell’s exceptional performance and efficiency means you may be able to transform your basic PC into a modern gaming rig that can play the new games at 1080p. STEP ABOVE A CONSOLE More powerful than any console, this card delivers a really interactive, cinematic experience in the new games with advanced effects driven by NVIDIA GameWorks and DirectX 12. GET THE EDGE FOR MOBA Competitive gamers demand instant responsiveness and low latency. The GeForce GTX 950 is intended from the ground up for the MOBA gamer, giving you the power and performance to rule the game. NEW WAYS TO PLAY GeForce Experience makes it simple to share your gameplay or co-play online with friends. With GeForce GTX, stream PC games to your NVIDIA SHIELD devices using NVIDIA GameStream. Prepared to get real about gaming? Experience the performance of the new GeForce GTX 950. As a world leading gaming brand, MSI’s goal is to become the most reliable name in gaming and e-sport. We have dedicated many hours and dedicated many resources to the eSports community to support the world’s most aspiring and best gamers and use their knowledge and specialty in our merchandise in return. The insistence on 100% in-house design and manufacturing gives MSI the hard capability to implement groundbreaking ideas and optimized design in our merchandise. Dedicated to buyer-driven novelty, MSI leverages its extraordinary R&D strengths to craft top-notch, well-highly praised motherboards, graphics cards, notebook PCs and All-in-One PCs. The Overclocking Series is intended for fans who pursue extreme performance and go after world records. Aimed at fulfilling the needs and expectations toward professional gaming, the MSI GAMING Series receives gamers’ unanimous acclaim. Incorporating Military Class parts, the Classic Series has an excellent repute for quality and durability. All these distinctive merchandise have made MSI a forerunner in the center-range and high-end market. Also adding to the lineup are cloud servers, tailor-made IPCs, intelligent panoramic camera (Panocam), robotic appliances and human-centric car electronics that more show MSI’s strengths and activities in buyer, commercial and IOT(Internet of Things) markets.

ASUS Radeon RX 580 8 GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 – Black

ASUS Dual series RX 580 comes equipped with Patented Wing-Blade Fans for max air flow with 105 more air pressure. The fans are IP5X dust-tolerant for improved dependability and a longer lifespan. While exclusive Auto-Extreme Technology with Super Alloy Power II parts for superior stability. GPU Tweak II with XSplit Game caster that gives intuitive performance tweaking and instant gameplay streaming.

Gigabyte AMD GV-RX580XTRAORUS-8GD 8 GDDR5 56-Bit Memory DVI/DP/HDMI PCI Express 3 – Black vs GTX 960 GAMING 2G

AORUS graphics cards are crafted for perfection in pursuit of the final graphics experience for gaming fans. AORUS graphics card brings you unbelievable gaming experience. AORUS gives the all-around cooling solution for all key parts of the graphics card. We take care not only GPU but also VRAM and MOSFET, to ensure a stable overclock operation and longer life. On the front side, the GPU direct touch heat-pipes combines a metal base plate to dissipate the most heat from the GPU and VRAM. On the back side, the copper back plate dissipates the heat from the GPU back side. All other key parts are taken care of well by the WINDFORCE cooling module. AORUS assures the buyer a better cooling solution in many ways.

ASUS ROG-STRIX-1080TI-O11G- GF 1080 Ti 11 GDDR5X PCIe 3.0 x16 DVI – Black

ASUS ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING – Graphics card – GF GTX 1080 Ti – 11 GB GDDR5X – PCIe 3. 0 x16 – DVI, 2 x HDMI, 2 x DisplayPort – ASUS Aura Sync for perfect RGB LED synchronization. VR-friendly HDMI ports let you enjoy VR experiences anytime without having to exchange cables. GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster gives intuitive performance tweaking and real-time streaming.

EVGA GeForce 1080 Founders Edition, 8 GDDR5X, LED, DX1 OSD Support (PXOC) 08G-P4-6180-KR

NVIDIA’s new flagship GeForce® GTX 1080 is the most advanced gaming GPU on the planet. Driven by the new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, the GeForce GTX 1080 delivers the amazing performance, groundbreaking new gaming technologies, and immersive, next-gen VR. Discover next-generation VR performance, the lowest latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets—driven by NVIDIA VRWorks™ technologies. VR audio, physics, and haptics let you hear and feel every moment. The flagship GeForce GTX 1080 is a quantum leap in performance and power efficiency. It’s built using super-fast FinFET and high-bandwidth GDDR5X technologies, and supports DirectX 12 features for the fastest, smoothest, most power-economical gaming experiences. The new GeForce GTX 1080 is meticulously crafted to offer superior heat dissipation using an advanced vapor chamber and premium materials, so it runs as cool as it seems. GeForce GTX 1080 uses the power of Pascal to meet the demands of the new displays, as well as VR, ultrahigh- resolution, and many monitors. It features NVIDIA GameWorks™ technologies for smooth gameplay and cinematic experiences, also as revolutionary 360-degree image catch— in VR. EVGA is one of the top NVIDIA authorized partners in channel sales global. Depending on the philosophy of intelligent novelty, market knowledge, and the concurrent operation, EVGA continues to recognize the need in the market place and the solution to that need.

Gigabyte RX 460 WF OC- GDDR5 Memory – Black

GIGABYTE introduces WINDFORCE, the new cooling technology that differentiates the brand’s graphics cards from the rest. GIGABYTE understands that a fan is crucial to the graphics card, so only the fan with the most efficiency is selected for WINDFORCE. To meet the criteria for WINDFORCE, a cooling solution must be equipped with anti-turbulence inclined fans, super calm PWM fan and pure copper heat pipe. Your ideal solution for League of Legends, Overwatch, and DOTA 2 at HD resolutions and beyond Step up to very smooth and low-latency gaming at virtually any framerate thanks to AMD FreeSync technology1. Powerful Async shadersand the best variant of Graphics Core Next still means you’ll also be prepared for the forthcoming DirectX 12 and Vulkan games. Stream and record your favourite games with virtually no performance affect – thanks to Polaris architecture with super HD HEVC Encode and Decode. With a dedicated multimedia block 4K, H. 265, 60 FPS encode and decode is possible2 Polaris architecture exactly combines the new FinFET 14 procedure technology and AMD’s advanced power, gating and clocking technologies for a whisper-calm gaming experience. Enjoy gaming features that dynamically optimize sound volumes depending on real temperature and workloads. And be prepared for the new displays with support for HDMI 2. 0 and Display Port 1. 4 HDR prepared Radeon Software drivers enable the final in performance, features and stability and are intended to continuously improve your experience with up-to-the-minute improvements, updates and optimizations. Push your hardware to the limitations or under clock to near silent gaming with Radeon WattMan (previously AMD Overdrive) for a whole new level of customization and per state control over clocks, voltages, and temperature.

SAPPHIRE Pulse Radeon RX 570 4G GDDR5 Dual HDMI/DVI-D/Dual DP – Black vs GTX 960 GAMING 2G price

SAPPHIRE Technology is a leading maker and world supplier of groundbreaking parts and solutions for PC systems for both buyer and professional applications. From its origin in the design and make of state-of-the-art graphics add-in boards, the broad SAPPHIRE product range has grown to include a broad range of professional and implanted merchandise. SAPPHIRE Pulse is all about PC users with choice and great value for money. The card is cooled using the calm Dual-X two-fan solution, with an easy fan exchange fast Connect system in place also. Built on the future-evidence Polaris architecture, the SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 graphics card plays your favourites at a smooth 1080p and beyond, from the new eSports games and MOBAs to the most well-liked, graphically-intensive AAA titles. The evolution of the FinFET 14 procedure has allowed the new RX 500 Series to accomplish higher clocks versus last generations.

ASUS EX-1050-OG OC Edition GeForce 1050 GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 DVI – Black/Red

ASUS EX-GTX1050-O2G – OC Edition – graphics card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 – 2 GB GDDR5 – PCIe 3. 0 x16 – DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort – ASUS Expedition graphics cards are made for continuous action, engineered with continuous durability for 2X longer lifespan and premium dependability. We test the cards to the limitations, with 144 hour of diskless-system tests and broad checks for compatibility with top games. While GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster to offer continuous gaming experience and real-time streaming. NVIDIA ANSEL for a revolutionary new way to catch in-game screenshots. NVIDIA GameWorks gives an interactive and cinematic experience, also as very smooth gameplay.

GeForce 1050 X G GDDR5 18 Bit Memory HDMI/DP/DVI PCI Express 3 – Black vs GTX 960 GAMING 2G review

Everyone deserves great gaming. That’s why we produced the fast, powerful GeForce GTX 1050. Now, you may be able to turn your PC into a true gaming rig, powered by NVIDIA Pascal—the most advanced GPU architecture ever produced. It’s loaded with groundbreaking NVIDIA Game prepared technologies that let every gamer experience the new titles in their full glory. #GameReady GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards are powered by Pascal to deliver twice the performance of last-generation graphics cards, plus groundbreaking new gaming technologies and breakthrough VR experiences. The GeForce GTX 1050 delivers considerably better speed and power efficiency than last-generation cards. With GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards and laptops, you’re prepared to game on the best platform in the world. Surprising performance. Game-changing experiences. Perfectly tuned. If you’re a professional eSports player who demands the highest frame rates or a core gamer who lives to play every game at super Settings, GeForce GTX 10-Series deliver the final gaming experience. With up to 3X the performance of last-generation, no game is a challenge. Today’s games aren’t just more graphics-intensive than ever before. They also offer new ways to ways to play. With the unprecedented performance and technologies of GeForce GTX 10-Series, you may be able to now explore the thrilling new world of Virtual Reality (VR), play at super-high resolutions, and catch 360-degree screenshots. As a world leading gaming brand, MSI’s goal is to become the most reliable name in gaming and e-sport. We’ve dedicated many hours and dedicated many resources to the eSports community to support the world’s most aspiring and best gamers and use their knowledge and specialty in our merchandise in return. The insistence on 100 in-house design and manufacturing gives MSI the hard capability to implement groundbreaking ideas and optimized design in our merchandise.

Palit GeForce 1060 JetStream 3 GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 – Silver

Palit GeForceGTX 1060 DUAL 3GB is built with “Dual Fan” and is filled with groundbreaking new gaming technologies, making it the perfect choice for the new high-meaning games. Powered by NVIDIA Pascal—the most advanced GPU architecture ever produced—the GeForceGTX 1060 delivers smart performance that opens the door to virtual reality and beyond.

Asus GeForce 750 Ti (, GDDR5, xpress 3.0)

Get more than just faster frame rates. Get super-smooth gaming every time with NVIDIA gaming novelty Adaptive Vertical Sync. This technology dynamically changes vsync to current frame rates for maximum playabilityPlay games with advanced effects like blazing explosions and vivid characters with 10X faster switching between graphics and physics processing, enabling more complex effects to be rendered in concurrent. Transform hunreds of PC games into stereoscopic 3D and enjoy immersive full HD 3D gaming across three displays at an unbelievable 5760 x 1080 resolution. Delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe 2. 0 for faster GPU-CPU communication.

980TI (6 , 1178 MHz, 384 Bit, HDMI, DVI-I 3 DP, 3.0) vs GTX 960 GAMING 2G pricing

One of the deciding factors in performance is the quality of the parts used. That’s why MSI only uses MIL-STD-810G certified parts for its Gaming cards because only these parts proved to be able to withstand the torturous situation of extreme gaming and overclocking. MSI Afterburner is world’s favorite cross-vendor GPU overclocking tool. The easy interface gives access to the most in depth info about your graphics card and lets for tinkering with pretty much anything available on your graphics card. MSI GAMING Graphics Cards give you more performance out of the box. If you use the card pre-overclocked or use the Gaming App to use its full possible, you may be able to just get right into the game and enjoy sublime performance. Overclocking through the MSI Gaming App is covered by warranty to take away your worries. Get in there and start winning MSI’s Twin Frozr V Thermal Designs are equipped with Zero Frozr technology which was 1st presented by MSI back in 2008. Zero Frozr technology removes fan sound in low-load situations by stopping the fans when they aren’t needed. In comparison to other graphics cards, there’s no uninterrupted hum of airflow to tell you there is a powerful graphics card in your gaming rig. That means you may be able to concentrate on gaming without the distraction of other sounds coming from your PC. With every new generation of GPUs comes more performance. With every new generation of MSI Twin Frozr we give you less sound and heat. We have listened to all your requests and the new Twin Frozr V is smaller, features stronger fans, generates less sound, keeps your graphics card and its parts cooler and matches perfectly with your MSI GAMING motherboard as well as some funky LED lightning. We have spent 18 months on the development of the Twin Frozr V, as well as field testing in gaming cafes to ensure the cards have the quality and stability to get you the FPS you need.

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Other Models:
V809-325R GTX 1050 2GT LP N750TI-2GD5TLP
V328-219R 9S7-178541-429 B250 gaming m3
9S7-17A121-287 9S7-16J562-1670 Z170A GAMING M7
9S7-17A121-286 9S7-179554-069 GTX 1050 2GT OC
9S7-14A332-061 9S7-179993-015 H170 GAMING M3
9S7-16K212-211 9S7-179C11-051 9S7-16K212-237
9S7-16K212-212 Z270 SLI PLUS Z270 PC MATE
Z170A GAMING M5 GL62 7QF-1673UK B250 PC MATE
Z97 GAMING 5 9S7-16H712-063 Z170A GAMING M3
MB-X99ALIP 911-7A71-001 Z270M Mortar
9S7-16J962-632 Z270 GAMING PRO B350 PC MATE
007885-036R 9S6-B91011-034 B250M Mortar
9S7-181542-207 G34-N1XX009-SI9 Z270 Gaming M3
9S7-179675-220 H110M GAMING 9S6-B90611-082
R7 370 GAMING 4G X370 SLI PLUS 9S7-178511-040
9S7-16J712-041 9S7-17B112-208 R9 380 GAMING 4G
9S7-178131-1464 B350M GAMING PRO H110I PRO
B350M BAZOOKA R9 390 GAMING 8G Z270 Tomahawk
7A20-003R A320M BAZOOKA 9S7-16J942-011
B350 TOMAHAWK Z170A PC MATE 9S7-179B11-266
9S7-16J942-079 9S6-B91011-033 9S7-178511-233


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