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Scalextric 1:32 Scale C1329T


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General Information

Scalextric 1:32 Scale C1329 ARC One (APP Race Control) Set – features:

  • Post your race stats on Facebook or Twitter to challenge friends, share results and view post-race statistics
  • Super Resistant Cars, requiring space of 1.99cm x 1.47cm
  • Choose your desired Race Mode from up to seven different options including ‘Quick Race’ allowing you to race pre-set options
  • Use the ‘My Garage’ feature to list your collection, log your track, and save track designs
  • Wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld Bluetooth SMART device (not included)

Scalextric C1329 APP Control 1:32 Scale Racing Set.

Scalextric 1:32 Scale C1329T – compare with similar products:

Britains Big Farm Cultivator vs C1329-T

All Big Farm toys are finished in high quality lasting plastic and come complete with a range of thrilling features for realistic and fun farm play Big Farm models are more than tough enough to take on any external bound activity inside or outside the home – if your child can go there, Big Farm can too This Cultivator features a increase and lower function to replicate working and transport modes and will include two hitch attachments to attach to Britains Big Farm tractors. Well-matched with tractors from the Britains Big Farm range also as other 1:16 scale plastic farm play toys. The Cultivator helps youngsters recreate hours of thrilling developmental role play.

Carrera Evolution CA25226 Day Cars 3 Racing System

Cars 3 Classic 1:32 Slot racing system, Lightning McQueen, the star of Disney Pixar Cars, is prepared for a new race. The 4. 5-metre/14. 76 ft. Carrera race circuit gives lots of room for all action catching up with maneuvers and quick acceleration. Again, Lightning McQueen has to prove himself against new opponents out on the track and be daring and skillful in new race situations.

Porsche Power-Slide vs C-1329T

Power slide your way around the complete length of this figure of ‘8’ layout and tune your expertise to the max. Take on your opponent in a full-on door bashing side-by-side duel but watch out at the crossroads where you may be able to make a 180 or 360 turn to mix up your enemy. Set holds:2 x Porsche 997 GT3 RS4 x radius 2 90 curve4 x standard 45 curveHalf straightCrossover 90 curve2 x controllersPower supplyAccessoriesSuitable for ages 5 years +.

CARRERA 20066000 Go Plus DTM Trophy

Carrera – Go Plus DTM TrophyWith this set and the new GO Plus technology the racing fun goes to the next lap also to the racing action with the two vehicles, hand controls, curves and looping, there’s a PitStop-Game (refueling, tire changes, engine service), motor-racing fun is guaraneed. With cool soundeffects and final driving fun. 100 well-matched for Carrera Go System For kids from 6 years.

Hot Wheels DWW96 Track Builder Construction Crash Kit vs C-1329-T

One set endless Hot Wheels stunting fun Kids will love creating and re-creating their track builder world with this remarkable set that offers a range of ways to play. ​​​you will have to blast through two crash panels before you hit the blast block and trigger the winning flag Reconfigure and customize for many tracks and tricks.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Roto-Arm Revolution

Gear up for uninterrupted thrills it is uninterrupted racing and continuous stunt action with the Wall Tracks Roto-Motion Speedway. When the claw grabs a car, the rotating arms lift it up and drop it off on a higher track so the race keeps on going decide your path – safe passage or wild thrills Take the lower track and ride carefully across the bridge to arrive at the bottom. Or wait for the right moment to defeat the spinning car crusher. Time it right and send it flying off the set With uninterrupted action, the fun never stops Ages 3 and older.

Step2 869600 Hot Wheels Car & Track Play Table vs C1329T price

Hot wheels car & track play table little racers can drive, crash and Dash their cars with the Step2 hot wheels car & track play table Junior speedsters can challenge their buddies in a drag race from the hot wheels-themed launch pad. Kids will be able to improve their social skill they share race cars with playmates and friends. This kid’s play table features a multi-level, molded-in track, and non-removable bridges to keep all accessories in a one place.

McLaren MP4-12C

Any car with Formula One technology built into it’s sure to be a devil on the race track – just look at this pair. Pull the trigger to send a McLaren MP4-12C around this Scalextric (C1284) figure-of-eight circuit at unbelievable speeds, taking care to break on the corners whilst powering through the straights. Just watch out as things can get a little competitive on this track, with a crossroads and sideswipe track sections that may take out any unprepared drivers Don't worry too much about some raceway scuffles although, as these McLaren MP4-12C cars are tough and super tolerant (not to talk about very fast). If you're new to Scalextric or a slot car veteran, this set offers some interesting quirks that are sure to liven up any race.

Cartronic Cartronic8037 Car Speed ​​Formula Racing Track vs C1329T review

Cartronic Car Speed ​​Formula Racing Race Track is prepared to race and easy to play. The Formula 1 World Championship is the highest-ranking race series of motor sport. It’s frequently called the premier class of racing, because it represents the highest technical and driving expertise prerequisites of all race series for drivers and constructors. At a length of 6. 30 m each racer can put his expertise. Here skill and speed are obliged. The two loops let the drivers curdling the blood; endless driving pleasure is guaranteed. Racetracks car speed formula racing – 1:43. Vehicles: 2 x Type F1 (red and black / silver). Contents: 2 Speed ​​controllers, mechanical lap counter for 10 rounds, single-track double-loop, track pieces, bridge supports and crash barriers. The course is produced individually and expandable. Measures 155 cm length by 90 cm width.

Digital C1296 Pit Stop Challenge

This set features an extra challenge for Scalextric racers new and old Features three super-tolerant digital-prepared 1:32 scale McLaren MP4-12C slot cars. Another challenge for Scalextric racers This oval circuit introduces an extra form of play with the digital pit stop, and also will include a crossover part, a banked curve, and a powerbase. Players can race as common on this circuit or step up their expertise for the Digital Pit Lane Game in which they must compete with other racers to get through the pit stop, however only when it is open.


Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights;Wall Tracks is a wall mounted track play system;Expand your world of Wall Tracks and build more stunts and action all over your walls;This is the final Hot Wheels Wall Tracks starter set;will include 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car, 3M Command Strips and easy instruction poster.

Carrera Digital 20023621 of Victory Digital Slot , 1:24 vs C1329T pricing

Two high-power slot cars triumph on this 8-metre racetrack: there is the Mercedes AMG SLS GT3 “Martini No. 33”, Hankook 12h Zandvoort – the brand new wing door car in the Martini Racing livery, and the magnificent green Audi R8 LMS “Yaco Racing, No. 16”, 2015. The course was set up and both cars are raring to go. Now it is all down to who is better at harnessing the speed with the 2. 4 GHz WIRELESS+ controllers On the Carrera DIGITAL 124 circuit every race is a “Race of Victory” – for natural born winners.

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