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Large 8ft Chicken


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General Information

Large 8ft Chicken Coops Large Chicken Coop Hen House Ark Poultry Run Nest Box Rabbit Hutch Suitable For Up To 4 Birds – Integrated Run & Cleaning – features:

  • Nest box & perches included for 2-4 birds (depending on breed & size )
  • 8ft including nest box and overhangs both sides
  • Dims incl nest box and roof overhangs approx: (250cm x 76cm x 103cm)
  • metal lined pull out tray for easy cleaning

Coocoon chicken house for 2-3 standard or 4 bantam sized birds based on breed, type and size of the birds. DELIVERY TO ENGLAND & WALES ONLY. We can not deliver to Highland postcodes, Islands involving water crossing or Northern Ireland and certain scottish post codes. If unsure email with your postcode.

Large 8ft Chicken – compare with similar products:


This stunning Hutch & Run offers spacious conditions that’s important to the health and well being of your precious pets. Made using fir wood, this mix produces a great looking and greatly practical hutch and run for your pet. All our merchandise arrive flat filled prepared and easy to assemble. As found from last experiences hutches sent out prepared built not only cost more to send, however they have tend to arrive broken. Considerable High Quality Wire ALL WOODWORK is of the Highest Quality, Jointed, Sanded and Screwed look at the detail, this really is what you’ll get The wood is treated using a water established anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain. We can not express how good the quality is on our things, you must see to believe.

The Chateau Solid Cedar

Imagine waking up to your new eggs in the morning, laid by your own chickens.. Well now is your chance to live that dream The Chateau hard Cedar Chicken Coop is handcrafted from quality hard Cedar wood, nature’s own material, allowing a 1st-class weatherproof home for your poultry companions. The Chateau has an ergonomic design, making economical use of space and light, allowing a comfy home for your chickens to rest, feed and exercise. Features: Two big front doors let you to enter the coop and the run individually, allowing a useful and alternative access point to the Chateau. The pull out tray makes cleaning the Chateau a much simpler task and the rear nesting box with its opening roof is perfect for annoyance free access to your eggs. The stylish 4 bar window lets in extra light whilst maintaining a steady flow of new air inside the coop making it the perfect place to shelter from rain, wind and sun. A gangway ladder offers easy access from the upper coop to the lower run. Here, your chickens can feed – protected by a galvanised mesh enclosed cage, preventing them from wandering and keeping them safe and secure in your garden. The Chateau hard cedar chicken coop is the ideal deluxe pad for your chickens and also serves as a great home for other small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. Estimated Measurements: Height:120cm x Width: 140cm x Depth: 65cm. Self assembly is needed.


FOX evidence Our Nelly Air fox evidence chicken house is an ideal home for your chickens, defending them from foxes and other predators. With its fox evidence locks that are rust free, you may be able to make sure that your chickens will be safe from any attack. With its T&G it’s 100 fox evidence and more efficient than the standard 8mm T&G that other businesses use. It can hold 15 standard sized birds so you may be able to make sure that they’ll be kept safe and comfy in their new home, but if you could like to keep more birds we’re also able to add extensions to accommodate your needs.

Cozy Pet 3m X 6m Galvanized Outdoor Use 5 SIZES AVAILABLE Livesck, , Small Pets, Dog, Ppy, etc. Model CR05.

Cozy Pet Chicken Run Range: – Our new Chicken Run range consists of a completely galvanized frame covered with PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh. The range has 5 sizes each with a metal door and frame (Cheaper variants have a wood frame), we carefully studied other sellers buyer comments and noted that they don’t supply enough cable ties, their information weren’t clear and some charge for the roof cover. Cozy Pet Chicken Runs come with twice as many cable ties than other runs, simple easy to follow information and a FREE roof cover.

Pets Imperial® Savoy With 1.m 10 Depending on Size With Double Easy Clean Leaning Tray

Sale Sale Sale 194. 97 instead of our normal price of 399. 97, that is an unbelievable 51 off The Savoy Chicken coop 150cm(W)x 100cm(D)x 96cm(H) with run, was intended to more improve it is remaining, awesome, great build quality. Now is your chance, to keep chickens in a secure and safe environment in your garden which is easily cleaned, maintained and will last for many years. The galvanised pull out metal tray is easy to clean and may be pulled out from the front or back of the coop, see pictures. The roof now opens giving you access to all parts of the coop so you may be able to combat red mite, other parasites and maintain the cleanliness of your Savoy coop. The Savoy coop wood paneling is tongue and groove shaped boards which are both nice and strong. This results in a practical and nice chicken coop. Totally fox evidence. Made from animal friendly treated timber, intended to last for many years. 4 elimination perches, 2 nest boxes with 6 compartments. Comes flat filled in three boxes, requires assembly, clear information. Your coop was ergonomically intended (exactly made) to make the most economical use of space and light. This coop was intended to keep your pets in and predators out products can only be delivered to mainland UK (excludes Northern Ireland and the UK islands). Excluded post codes (beginning with): AB31-38, AB41-45, AB51-56, DD3-11, DG3-4, DG5, DG10-14, DG16, EH35-40, EH42-46, FK14, FK18-21, G6-9, G83-84, HS1-9, IM1-9, IM99, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV36, IV40-49, IV51-56, IV63, KA6, KA18-19, KA26-28, KW1-3, KW5-17, ML11-12, PA20-49, PA60-78, PA80, PH1, PH5-10, PH15-26, PH30-44, PH50, PO30-41, TD1-14, TR21-25 and ZE1-3.


These triple nest boxes are ideal to stand in big outbuildings barns etc. Great free of charge range hens. Also they may be used in present big hen houses for extra nesting space. Each box is approx. 250mm x 250mm and in general length is 900mm. They may be free standing of fixed to a wall. Comes completely assembled. If your item comes untouched be sure you treat this with a suited wood preserve. Treat your item at least once a year using a suited wood preserve. Note all our buildings are handmade so sizes are estimated.


Big Cocoon ECO chicken house in a beautiful ‘BARN’ design. Large enough to hold up to 6 standard birds. More if bantam sized and less if big breed. The roofs are made from recycled PLASTIC to ensure longevity to the most exposed part of the house. The plastic roofs will decrease red mite hiding regions as it lets to clean them just off the roofs rather than manifesting in the cracks of wood or underneath felt. The ECO BIG BARN comes with opening roofs to let easy cleaning and access to all parts of the house. The nest box is interior so secure and not exposed to predators. The house lets cleaning by pulling out the removable tray and via the opening roofs.

Ferplast Happy Farm 120 , 10 x 139 x 110 cm, Beige

Ferplast hen house suited for outdoor. Hard, made of tough U. V. Ray tolerant plastic with parts made of varnished wood, Happy Farm was intended and treated to withstand all weather conditions. Totally stylish and beautiful in your garden, ideal for anybody who wants to breed chickens and give them a comfy shelter, this hen house is safe since equipped with special door locking systems. Happy Farm, ideal for up to 6 hens, comes with a special separated house for eggs collection, hard ladder to let your hens to reach the inside, going up and down with no efforts. Useful accessories are included: protecting roller, wooden perch and metal grill.

Omlet Eglu Go with 2m Secure Steel Mesh and Wheels Leaf Green Easy Clean Plastic vs Large review

The new Eglu to join the collection, the Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop makes keeping chickens easy and fun. This plastic chicken house comes with optional wheels, making it simple to move, and the fox-evidence chicken run is extendable to give hens more room. Easy to clean and insulated, the Eglu Go UP is a superb hen house for up to four birds.

‘ x 2’ Broody as a , Duck , , Small animal guinea Pigs, s, ferrets or other small animals or

The Broody Coop is a versatile house suited for many uses like a broody hen, chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets. The product is 2' 2" in Height x 2' large x 4' 1" in Length. Interior House measurements are 13" x 2' and the interior run area is 30" x 2' The Broody Coop was changed and adapted over a period of 10 years, tried and tested by customers to ensure the highest quality product is made available for both our customers and small animal friends. The Broody Coop has more and more become one of our Best Sellers. Though this product is made from tanalised, pressure treated timber it isn’t waterproof. So we greatly recommend that the product is coated in a waterproof wood paint yearly. All our timber is accredited with both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsements of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Duck/Goose 120 x 90 x 110

This is a tough handmade goose/duck house made in the UK in our workshop. The house has a big side door for easy cleaning etc, Its raised off the ground and has ventilation holes in the side. Suited for approx. 2 geese or 6 ducks. This will need a suited wood treatment before use. Note all our buildings are handmade so sizes may differ.

Ferplast 30 , 162 x 100 x 110 cm vs Large pricing

Ferplast hen house for outdoors. Hard, made of 1st-quality wood coming from responsibly managed forests, it was intended and treated to withstand all weather conditions. Totally stylish and beautiful in your garden, ideal for anybody who wants to breed chickens and give them a comfy shelter. Hen house comes with a special separated house for eggs collection, hard ladder to let your hens to reach the inside, going up and down with no efforts. Accessories included.

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