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Tamron AF 70-300mm A17NII F/4-5.6


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Samyang 7.5 mm T3.8 VDSLR Manual Focus Video Lens for Micro Four-Thirds vs A17-NII

Samyang’s 7. 5mm T3. 8 UMC is a sophisticated super large-angle Fisheye lens intended for cameras with micro Four Thirds sensors. Samyang VDSLR lenses are fitted with gear racks well-matched with the Follow concentrate system. This solution lets for effortless and correct rotation of concentrate and aperture rings. The aperture ring is decoupled and rotates smoothly and noiselessly. These features let for very comfy and efficient control of focal plane and depth of field throughout filming. The optics comprise of 9 lens elements arranged in 7 groups. The optical parameters are very high, thanks to one aspherical and three ED lens elements with low dispersion factor and multi-layered anti-reflection UMC coatings. The lens gives a diagonal field of view equal to 180 degrees, while the minimum concentrating distance is just 9cm. The lens is fitted with a non-removable lens hood. Light of the lens corresponds with the T-number of 3. 8. To help the reading on the concentrate and aperture scale, both these indexes are marked in a parallel position to the optical axis of the lens.

Samyang 12 mm F2.0 Manual Focus Lens for Sony-E – Silver

The Samyang 12mm f2. 0 NCS CS superwide lens fills a gap in lenses for APS-C mirrorless cameras. This lens was intended to do stunningly with high resolution sensors (above 24m pixels). As with other Samyang lenses, the 12mm gives technical parameters and possible that can compete with the best large-angle prime and zoom lenses available on the market. It has nanocrystal anti-reflective coatings applied. To two lens elements. This kind of covering gives smaller reflection factor than (U)MC layers plus other benefits which include: much better light transmission, higher resistance to reflections and higher contrast, which adds to optical resolution of the lens. The Samyang 12mm f2. 0 NCS CS is a perfect lens for landscape photography and may be useful in interior and architecture photography or astrophotography.

Samyang 35 mm T1.5 VDSLR II Manual Focus Video Lens for Sony E-Mount Camera vs A-17NII

The Samyang 35mm T1. 5 Lens with geared, manual concentrate and aperture control rings, is optimized for digital cinematography. The aperture ring was “de-clicked” for smooth iris pulls, and depth of field markings supply an essential aid to concentrate pullers. Optically, this lens is same to the Samyang 35mm f/1. 4, which is recognized for its excellent sharpness, contrast and bokeh. A hybrid aspherical lens and multi-level covering produce sharply defined pictures with a minimum of flare and ghosting. There’s slight vignetting at T1. 5 on full-frame sensors but this is nearly non existant by T2. 0, and APS-C or MFT sensors will most likely never see it. The 35mm lens concentrates as close as 12″ (30. 48 cm) from the lens. A bayonet mount, petal-type lens hood is included.

Canon EF-S Zoom Lens 18 mm – 55 mm – f/3.5-5.6 IS MK II

The Canon EF-S 18-55 mm F/3. 5-5. 6 IS II Autofocus Lens is a regular zoom lens that features the smaller size image circle, entirely intended for EOS Digital Rebel and other cameras using the “APS-C” size sensor. The focal length is equivalent to approx. 28-90 mm in 35 mm format. This makes it ideal as a basic everyday lens. This lens features Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer technology, which gives up to 3-4 stop reimbursement for image blur caused by camera shake and slow shutter speeds. This assures clear, crisp pictures, in dim light.

Sony SEL1670Z E Mount – APS-C Vario T 16-70mm F4.0 Zeiss Zoom Lens vs A-17-NII

Shoot like a pro and get professional-quality shots that catch every detail and burst of colour, thanks to this high-performance Carl Zeiss lens. Be prepared for anything- holiday snaps, professional portraits and everything in between- the SEL-1670Zs versatile features make it the perfect lens for any occasion. With high performance in low light- get great results in difficult low-light conditions when used with your cameras Anti-Motion and Handheld Twilight settings. Its AA lens technology enables the SEL-1670Z to deliver precision and power in a lighter, more compact lens. Get big results on a small camera- the E-mount lens lets you to bring high resolution, SLR-quality imaging to your compact.

Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm Lens – Black

The full large-angle to telephoto zoom range gives amazing structure flexibility. With supreme quality and tremendous power the 1 NIKKOR VR 10–100mm f/4. 0–5. 6 lens knows no limitations. Near or far, big or small, fast or slow, the versatility of this remarkable CX-format lens will ensure subjects are captured with complete clearness every time. Featuring Nikon’s Vibration Reduction stabilisation system (VR) and incorporating a retractable lens system, this compact zoom gives a perfect balance of portability, power, speed, and quality. Wherever your Nikon 1 adventure takes you, you’ll be prepared for that perfect shot.

Samyang 14 mm F2.8 Lens for Sony-E vs A17NII price

The Samyang 14mm f/2. 8 Aspherical large Angle Lens is an excellent addition to any photographer’s collection. It lets users the capability to develop their creativity and catch unbelievable scenes from a really distinctive perspective. This manual concentrate lens creates pictures with an extended perspective and sharp concentrate that extends during the complete frame. Optical construction is depending on 14 elements in 12 groups. 2 ED low dispersion lenses, one hybrid aspherical element and one glass aspherical element add to minimize distortion and chromatic aberrations. Advanced optical construction lets this lens to deliver razor sharp pictures in the corners. The 14mm f/2. 8 works perfectly with new high resolution, full-frame sensors. The lens is optically corrected, which is particularly useful in architecture and landscape photography, and the 114 degree angle of view lets the user to create very distinctive and interesting pictures.

Nikon 24 – 70 mm Lens for Camera

Faster. Stronger. Steadier than ever. Offering business-leading image quality, the AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2. 8E ED VR responds to the demands of professional use with exceptional honesty. The introduction of Nikon’s powerful Vibration Reduction (VR) and a brand new optical construction breathe new life into this workhorse: the most widely used professional lens in the NIKKOR line-up. VR offers an remarkable four-stop advantage, effectively minimising the blur that may be caused by camera shake. Nikon’s exclusive Silent Wave Motor offers faster AF performance. Also to the stronger build, a fluorine covering on front and rear lens elements actively repels water, dust, and dirt.

Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG HSM Contemporary Zoom Lens for Nikon vs A17NII review

The Sigma 150-600mm DG OS HSM lens is a high-end zoom intended to meet the demands that professional photographers require in challenging conditions. Dust and splash-evidence, the 150-600mm sits in the new line-up of Sigma’s ‘Sport’ lenses and features an updated Optical Stabilisation (OS) system with accelerometer, which improves vertical and horizontal panning, essential for wildlife and motorsports photography. On the side of the lens is a new zoom lock switch that may be locked at any focal length and a new manual override (MO), which is activated by rotating the concentrate ring while using autofocus. The lens is well-matched with the Sigma USB dock for maximum customisation and with the newly worked on teleconverters.

Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 USM Lens

Canon initiated the EF lens line in March 1987 as part of the groundbreaking EOS system with the fundamental development idea of fusing auto and manual operation. Heralding a new era in SLR photography, the EF lenses with fitted concentrating motors were the 1st to communicate totally electronically with the camera body. This telephoto macro lens is able of concentrating to life-size (1X) without attachments. Though it replaces the EF 100mm f/2. 8 MACRO lens marketed in 1991, it’s a totally new design. It incorporates a ring type USM giving calm, high-speed autofocus.

Sony SEL1224G FE 12 – 24 mm F4 G Ultra-Wide-Angle Zoom Lens – Black

Sony SEL1224G FE 12-24mm F4 G super-large-Angle Zoom Lens A uniquely intended super-large-angle zoom lens, the new FE 12-24mm F4 G lens produces remaining image quality in a compact, lightweight design, weighing roughly 566g. Sony’s widest full-frame E-mount lens, it offers a dynamic perspective for landscape, architecture and interior photography, and is well-suited for both stills and video shooting. The lens features an groundbreaking optical design with four aspherical elements that ensure excellent corner to corner sharpness and resolution. Also, the lens has three ED glass elements and one Super ED glass element that minimises chromatic aberration during the complete image and benefits from Sony’s original Nano AR covering. The new SEL1224G lens will include a DDSSM (Direct Drive Super Sonic Wave Motor) for fast, calm and exact AF performance, plus a customisable concentrate hold button and concentrate mode switch. It’s also dust and moisture tolerant. I.

Samyang 7.5 mm Fisheye F3.5 Manual Focus Lens for Micro 4/3 – Silver vs A17NII pricing

The Samyang 7. 5mm f/3. 5 UMC Fish-eye is an super-large-angle, manual-concentrate lens allowing a stunning 180 degree angle of view. In spite of its small size, it effectively combines the best features of Samyang’s bigger SLR lenses and offers the highest quality optics in a compact and nice body. This 7. 5mm Fish-eye lens is the 1st model in the new family of lenses worked on exactly for Micro-Four-Thirds system cameras.

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