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Buyagift Time Together Gift Experiences Box – 760 ideal gifts for couples to create special moments together – features:

  • From dining options to many fun activities, the full range can be found in the brochure
  • Give a special couple the gift of time together, choosing from a wide range to suit their tastes
  • Ideal for celebrating an anniversary or special occasion
  • Valid for 2 years from the date of purchase with free and unlimited exchange during this time
  • Over 700 amazing experiences for couples to spend time together – the perfect gift for two

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Power Padel Blue Energy 1002highlights its metallic sound caused by the structure of the holes, low density of the groundbreaking rubber finish. Playability: Shovel soft ball control with Good acceleration. Great maneuverability. Frame: 100 carbon fibre: 2layers of glass and 1layer of carbon fiber rubber: EVA hipersoft English form: round profile: 38mm.

GaoAo Silicone Slow Food Bowl,Slow Eating Dog Bowl,Pet Slow Feeding Apparatus,Silicone Pet Bowl,Interactive Pet Silicone Bowl,Healthy Design Bowl of C

Product Size: 41x26cm Product function: to slow down the speed of eating pets, anti-choke Product features: to prevent obesity, healthy eating, restore the natural way to eat info: 1. This can’t be used as a pet chewing toys. 2. Can’t be heated, into a microwave oven or oven As an honest Amazon seller, we do our best to give you the best service and quality merchandise If you have any business problems or if you’re dissatisfied with us or our merchandise, feel free to contact us. We’ll answer inside 24.

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Product Type: Frequency conversion filterA:Power: 35WVoltage: 220V -240VFrequency: 50HZRated output: DC-24VFlow: 3000L / HWeight: about 1. 2kgHead: 3mSuitable for fish tank (water): 1. 2m (600L)Size: 17 16. 7 7. 9cmB:Power: 55WVoltage: 220V -240VFrequency: 50HZRated output: DC-24VFlow: 5000L / HWeight: about 1. 2kgHead: 5mSuitable for fish tank (water): 1. 5m (700L)Size: 17 16. 7 7. 9cmC:Power: 70WVoltage: 220V -240VFrequency: 50HZRated output: DC-24VFlow: 8000L / HWeight: about 1. 2kgHead: 5mSuitable for fish tank (water): 1. 8m (950L)Size: 17 16. 7 7. 9cmD:Power: 85WVoltage: 220V -240VFrequency: 50HZRated output: DC-24VFlow: 10000L / HWeight: about 1. 6kgHead: 5mSuitable for fish tank (water): 2. 0m (1100L)Size: 20. 6 17. 7 9. 3cmE:Power: 35WVoltage: 220V -240VFrequency: 50HZRated output: DC-24VFlow: 12000L / HWeight: about 1. 6kgHead: 5mSuitable for fish tank (water): 2. 2m (1500L)Size: 20. 6 17. 7 9. 3cm.

Orvis Waterresistant Hoseoff Seat Hammock / Xlarge, Khaki, X Large

The simplest way to keep your car seats clean and dry We intended our lasting seat hammock exactly for the dirtiest dogs. Crafted of heavy-responsibility polyester, the protecting hammock features a water-tolerant covering on both sides to ensure that no moisture gets through to your car’s upholstery. A grippy, slip-tolerant surface on the bottom keeps the hammock in place. Fast and easy to install. Adjustable headrests obliged for installation. 100 polyester. Hose off or spot clean. Free Shipping on Orvis orders of 100+ (only shipping inside the UK).

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The Joyetech eVic is the top of the range in for ‘intelligent’ electronic cigarettes. This extraordinary device is advanced technology, and its futuristic features means you may be able to record your every vaping action. If you want, by connecting your eVic to a computer, the MVR software will read and stream all your vaping records – giving you your full vaping activity. The eVic’s ingenious features also include a revolutionary ‘control and display’ system which gives a range of exclusive device features that redefine Variable Voltage Vaping. If you want to know the exact resistance of your atomizer, the number of inhalations before battery recharge or the average length of each draw, the eVic does this and much, more. With a Samsung 2600mAh extra-big capacity, high stability battery, you won’t need the dedicated charger too frequently. Joyetech is one of the best manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and are recognised for this global, and the eVic is their flagship product. The Joyetech eVic Kit contents list: 1 x eVic control head 1 x eVic battery tube 1 x Samsung rechargeable 2600mAh battery 1 x eVic USB cable 1 x UK to USB mains adaptor 1 x eVic user manual 1 x MVR manual The eVic is a surely a milestone, a turning point, and a thrilling new development in the world of vaping: a. You may be able to operate the eVic using the rotating direction key and clicking the enter button. B. You may be able to change the output power from 2. 0W to 15W and the output voltage from 3. 0V to 5. 0V. C. The eVic is easily charged with the dedicated USB cable, and the USB cable can connect with a wall adaptor or computer. D. Simply decide the atomizer you could like to use with your eVic, then it’s prepared for use.

Paw Patrol Paw PatrolLer

All paws on deck The Paw Patroller is the final rescue car and is perfect for ensuring that the PAW Patrol team can get to new exotic adventure places. Kids can drive their PAW Patrol vehicles in and head out together for a brand new adventure. The Paw Patroller comes with Ryder and his ATV car and can hold 3 additonal Paw Patrol vehicles inside or display 6 vehicles when open. Your patrolling will be just like the show when you hear the Paw Patrollers authentic PAW Patrol sound effects. Inside youll discover a real working lift to take the pup vehicles up to Ryders Command Centre Together, your childs imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included). For ages 3 years and over. The Paw Patrol Paw Patrol-Ler is suited for kids aged 3 years and over. Minimum Age: 3 YEARSRecommended Age: 3 yrs +Height: 32 CMWidth: 71 CMLength: 15 CMWARNING Choking Hazard. Not suited for kids under 3 years of age caused by small parts.

Signstek AC12V 35W Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights LED PAR56 Light vs UKS007A1512P price

How to Use the Remote Control Properly:1. Pull the antenna as long as possible before press the button. 2. Install the battery in the correct position(do not mix the positive pole and negative pole). 3. Because the remote is RF, the range will be short caused by the metal can the light is in and the amount of water the signal must travel to be seen. To use the remote, you have to extend the antenna as long as possible,stand close to the light (7 to 10 feet) and point directly at the light. If the light was installed, you may have to extend the antenna into the water. Depress the on/off button and choose the color or action you want. Package will include:1 x LED PAR56 pool light 35W 12V RGB LED color changing light. 1 x RF remote control ( the battery is included ). 1 x installation instruction manual.

Composite Decking Grey 46.55 Square Metre Pack Gardens & Patios

46. 55 Square Metre Pack of Composite Decking Included are: 107 Boards at 2. 9m (2900mm) length x 150mm large x 25mm depth 12 L Shaped Edging Strips at 2. 9m (2900mm) length included. This will give you more than enough to do the 2 ends. 12 packs of fixings Extra Boards & Edging may be bought individually if needed About the Product What is Composite Decking Made From? Composite decking is a great material that moulds together plastic resin with real wood and real wood fibres. This mix lets for a superb looking product with a much increased life span than conventional wooden decking. As it’s made from recycled materials, it’s also good for the environment. Is it slippery when wet? Unlike conventional decking, composite decking doesn’t become slippery when wet. Composite decking absorbs considerably less water than conventional materials and also limitations the growth of fungi and mould which can make the surface slippery. This gives you a safe and secure platform to walk on, making it suited for everybody as well as kids and the elderly. Is it hard to install? Composite decking is easy to install and may be installed by any competent DIY fan. It doesn’t need any expert or technical knowledge to be able to fit. Composite decking is intended to cut like wood, if you are good using a saw then you will be more than able of installing this decking. The composite won’t split or splinter like conventional wood which makes it easier to fit. There’s also the added benefit of not needing to treat it when installed.

Dog Poo Wormery 120L vs UKS007A1512P review

March 2016 – caused by considerably increased demand from Crufts delivery time may be 2-4 weeks. As a accountable dog owner, the dog poo wormery lets you a modern, economical and environmentally cleaner way to dispose of dog waste. This system is sustainable, does not produce extra smells and produces a useful by-product that may be used on parts of your garden.

26 inch Black Leather Dog Collar with Brass Pyramids “Haute Couture” 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide

Soft Dog band entirely Studded with Brass Pyramids Our craftsmen decorated this luxury style leather band with adorable brass pyramids. Brass pyramids are rust and corrosion tolerant, besides, they’ll do no harm to your dog’s health. Such hardware is totally non-allergic and dog-friendly. Brass buckle is made of the same material with old-style bronze-like covering. All these features add quality and strength to this fashionable good-looking dog accessory. It’s also soft and comfy for the pet to wear on. Walking him will become easier and will bring more fun to both you and your canine. The buckle and D-ring are made of brass, so they show strength for many years of handling. This is really a long-lasting gear that will fit your dog perfectly. It is frequently required to attach a leash to the band durin/bg either training or walking. Our craftmasters made it more easier when adding a D-ring to this band. It is strong and rust-evidence so, it will not lose its gorgeous look, also as all the hardware of this equipment, and will serve largely for attaching a leash. Be told that: There will be a total of 5 holes and the distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm). As an example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm) and you decide size 20″. The band will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm). There will be 2 smaller size holes – 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inches (47. 5 cm). There will be 2 bigger size holes – 21 inch (52. 5 cm) and 22 inches (55 cm). There will also be tip of the band after the last hole about 4 inches long (10 cm).


Cleans brass cases inside and out, as well as primer pockets when used with Lymans Turbo Sonic Case solution. Processes up to 900 9mm cases in less than 10 mins. Plastic basket makes it simple to take off cases or parts and rinse them after cleaning. Ultrasonic cavitation lifts and dissolves carbon dirt and residue.

Garden Greenhouse FreeStanding Indoor or Outdoor Plant Cage Iron 24x60x113 cm vs UKS007A1512P pricing

Egayez original at your home in a theme of charm of the past with this cage available in 3different sizes in your interior design. This greenhouse is iron with patina brown with a distressed aspet by the time which gives it authenticity. Placed on a table with four non slip, Iron frame also revealing the swirls, this talons to the strange form will be perfectly stable. With the design on the top, this item could be a nice creates a beautiful focal point where you may be able to put plants, candles, decorative things and the addition of lire, butterflies and photographs, the choice is yours. This cage or free standing greenhouse offers you a world of possibilities to decorate with care and like to your environment or at your workplace. Matte Brown 80cm Long with patina way indoor. You may be able to place it in your home or in your garden. Greatly nice over the last 25years. Note: The metal is somewhat oxidized. Also available in big in our ideas below. The height of the legs is 57cm, the dimensions of the pan are 20x54cm.

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MHS001/Parent LT104-30 MN004-261-16
SPO-0585 MO00631 FLAM3000/BSPT/M
LC76011A PT4101 FAEM_GFDG_074


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