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Pedigroom Professional Dog 5060336441613


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This eco-friendly, lightweight pet dryer with stand by Pedigroom is a convenient and speedy way to dry your pets, without taking up too much space. With 2200w of power, its ideal for both professional groomers and home users alike, the dryer has 2 heat settings, and wind volume settings, so you may be able to set your dryer to your prerequisites, making grooming faster and more pet-friendly that other dryers on the market. Being so lightweight, its ideal for transporting with you for mobile grooming also. This pet dryer by Pedigroom is low-sound, making it perfect for grooming parlour use. Available in 2 different colours; pink and purple. Purchase the Pedigroom eco-friendly pet dryer with stand today whilst stocks last.

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Interpet Tropic LED Complete Aquarium Kit, 87 Litre, 75 cm vs 5060336441613

The Interpet Tropic LED complete aquarium kit comes with everything you have to get started. This aquarium is the 87 litre variation, 75cm large x 30cm deep and 45cm high. To improve fish colour and advertise healthy plant growth, the aquarium kit comes with two LED lights; one Bright White 0. 2w and one Blue Moon 0. 2w. They are intended to be economical also as create bright still economical lighting from low wattage LEDs. The Bright White will advertise lush plant growth without encouraging troublesome algae and creates a beautiful ripple effect on the surface of the water. The Blue Moon LED creates a softer, more relaxed light for night time looking at. Two switches on the top of the hood control the lighting, they both have an inbuilt auto ‘sun and moon rise’ start up. The light slowly increases in intensity to prevent sudden ‘light shock’, decreasing fish stress. An easy care interior cartridge filter is made available. This filter is so easy to preserve. Simply remove the floss/carbon filter every 28 days and replace with a new one. The Algaway pad decreases unsightly algae by removing phosphate, algae’s favourite food. These convenient cartridges just simply pull out and slot in… no mess or effort involved. The dirty water is drawn in through the bottom of the filter, through the Biomedia, Floss/Carbon cartridge and Algaway pad before being returned clean and oxygenated to the top of the aquarium. A Deltatherm heater (also included) acts like a central heating system to preserve a stable water temperature for tropical fish. The heater comes from the factory set at 24°C, the ideal temperature for most tropical fish, however may be set to any temperature between 20°C and 35°C by using the adjustable thermostat on the top of the product. All in all a good way to set up a stunning aquascape and enjoy your beautiful fish. Function made cabinet available: Interpet code 80207.

bike trailer Rex (orange)

“plans Colour: orange grey Foldable: yes allowable weight: 40 kg. Reflectoren: 2 front and 2 back Wheels with guard closure: yes Anti-slip bottom: yes Safety clutch: yes Safe cage construction: yes Safety flag: yes Wind- and waterproof: yes Mosquito window nets: yes Air tires: yes Length (incl. Shaft): 130 cm. Measurements outside: 78 x 70 x 90 cm. (l x b x h) Measurements inside: 75 x 55 x 65 cm Length incl bar 130 cm Weight: 15kg” Note:1,We now ship to UK mainland only. That means we don’t ship to the Scottish upper highlands, Ireland or the British Islands/Isles. 2,We also don’t ship to PO Box or APO/FPO. 3,We don’t deliver throughout weekends. 4. Leave a valid contact phone number for better receiving the item”.

Acana Puppy Large Breed 18 kg

Acana Puppy big Breed dry dog food is suited for all big and big sized breeds of puppies and young dogs which are growing. Young dogs need certain prerequisites for healthy growth and development. Acana Puppy big Breed gives your pet with lots of priceless meat protein for healthy growth and muscle development. The recipe is low in carbohydrates so you do not have t worry about your dog putting on too much weight throughout this growth phase. Important vitamins and minerals help support the immune system. Acana Puppy big Breed dog food is for growing dogs of big breeds (from 25 kg). It’s rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and this is alike to your dog’s natural diet. The preimium quality meat (55%) is easy to digest and fruit and vegetables (25, shredded oats and rice (20%) are all low glycemic and ideal as a supply of energy. Acana Puppy big Breed is wheat, corn and gluten-free so it’s suited as dry food for all big breeds puppies, Arcana Puppy big Breed dog food is made with three premium animal protein resources: – Free-range chickens from regional poultry farms – antibiotics and hormone free, suited for human intake, made daily, tasty and easy to digest – Pacific Salmon, freshly caught in the deep icy Canadian seas, it’s an important supply of essential fatty acids like omega 3 – Canadian eggsof grade A quality are delivered new every day. They contain nutrients which supply all the needed amino acids Acana Puppy dog food is formulated to meet the suggested nutrient profiles of AAFCO (affiliation of American Feed Control Officials) and fulfils the nutritional needs of your pet during all phases of life Dogs are carnivores by nature. Acana dry dog food gives your dog with the same range of natural resources of meat that he could find in the wild.

Haygain Hay Steamer HG2000 – full bale – 35-40 kg of hay – 4+ horses

The HG-2000 is ideal if you want to steam standard strung bales or bigger amounts of hay, so perfect for yards. HG-2000 is the original HAYGAIN that features the patented steaming technique, ‘from the inside out. ‘ able of holding a small strung bale of hay or up to 30kg of loose hay or haylage. Thermally insulated and sealed, the double-skinned container lets high temperatures in extra of 100 C, important to kill harmful fungal spores and bacteria in hay. HAYGAIN are scientifically-proven hay steamers that produce palatable, dust-free forage, helping maintain a healthy respiratory system to improve performance. HAYGAIN’s patented steam distribution manifold system ensure, thorough steaming during all of the hay Fit for function they’re intended to be effortless and easy to use; a break for those suffering with breathing problems. Savings and benefits beyond your horse’s health become obvious in possible reductions in vet bills, water if you now soak and possible competition overheads caused by inability to do through coughing or respiratory agreement. The running costs are minimal. You’ll save on the amount of water you use in comparison to soaking, and with regards to electricity intake, the steam generators produce 3,000w of power. 3 kw at 0. 08 per hour. HAYGAIN consume 0. 24/hour in electricity. Think about that the 1st steam cycle lasts roughly 60 min and the cycles thereafter are only 30 min per bale. Endorsements: “I am generally striving for the best of everything. I was impressed with the science behind Haygain hay steamers and now I know that we’re giving the best forage possible, whilst stabled, travelling and competing. ” Ben Maher, MBE, 3 Olympic medals “We all know that dry hay – of the best quality – holds dust that affects horses’ respiratory system. So to make sure my forage is clean, and free of any dust or spores, I use Haygain. ” Sir Mark Todd, CBE, 5 Olympic medals.

Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps, 3 Step

Rampsteps easily change from steps to a ramp to make it simple for maturing or arthritic pets to reach sofas, beds, and more;Easy to use;tough mahogany-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130-pounds;Each step measures 12D x 16W and is covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting;3 Step measures 40 ‘L x 17 1/2W x 19 1/2H.

Hug Flight 61" Fox Trap Extra Large Heavy Duty Galvanised Animal Stray Cage New

To understand what each part is for, check the ‘Parts chart’ on one of the pictures. When you get your order and find a problem, contact us now with valid evidence (in depth description of the problem, pictures, etc. ). We’ll deal with it and offer our solutions ASAP. Don’t leave a negative feedback or open a assert WITHOUT previous contact with us. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, Brown vs Pedigroom 5060336441613 price

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door identifies your pet by using its present distinctive identification microchip or RFID band tag (one tag supplied with the product), unlocking only for your pet and leaving intruder animals at the door. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is suited for multi-pet households as it can store up to 32 pets in its memory. It was intended for big cats and small dogs. Battery powered using 4 C cell batteries which will last up to a year with normal use. Batteries aren’t included with the product.

TecTake Pet Play Pen Cat Puppy Fabric Soft Foldable Playpen 125 x 125 x 64 cm -different colours- (Blue)

► Highlights: • lightweight, still stable thanks to the strong steel frame • anchored thanks earth spikes • Easy to build with pop – up system • The floor can be cleaned with a moist cloth • 2 entrances/ exits • The roof may be closed / opened easily with a zipper • With convenient side pocket • Side nets supply enough flow of air and good visibility • The door nets may be secured with Velcro, on top • Foldable • Material: 100% Polyester • as well as carrying bag ► plans: • Dimensions: approx. 125 x 125 x 64 cm (L x W x H) • Dimensions (folded): ca. 64 x 50 x 6 cm • Weight: ca. 2,2 kg ► Scope of supply • 1 x Animal puppy pen • 4 x earth spikes • 1 x carrying bag Pictured dogs and full animals aren’t included.

Latest UP High Precisi pH Ctroller for Planted Tank – With pH Electrode vs Pedigroom 5060336441613 review

New UP High Precision pH Controller for placed Tank With this controller you may be able to automate your CO2 dosing. Automatically turn your CO2 on/off as and when it is needed. Why also should we know pH range ? PH value shows the acid or alkaline state of water (pH value equals 7 is neutral, it’s alkaline as pH value is greater than7 and acid as pH value is less than 7), most of the fish can adopt to life in water around pH = 7, however many species have special water preferences. What is included : Buffer Solution pH 4. 0 Buffer Solution pH 7. 0 modification Sticker Electrode Holder Instrument Holder Power system box pH Controller note pH Electrode is optional. This controller requires pH Electrode to measure water pH parameter. View pH Contrller’s Manual.

Folding Nyl Travel Crate Large, Large

These lightweight dog crates are ideal for travel or the home. Set one up in the car to keep your dog safe whilst on the road, then take it out and use it at your destination. Constructed around a strong steel frame from tight-weave heavy-responsibility mesh, it sets up and folds down in seconds. Features top, side, and front zip entry doors with zip-lock clips, rugged ventilated mesh “window” panels, a lasting water-tolerant base, and rounded corners to protect auto interiors. In light green. Free Shipping on Orvis orders of 100+ (only shipping inside the UK).

SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap, White

The SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap, reads a cat’s microchip when it comes into and goes out of the house. This lets you to restrict certain cats to indoor-only, whilst allowing other cats access to the outdoors. If your cat isn’t microchipped, the DualScan Cat Flap may also be used with a SureFlap RFID band Tag. The DualScan Cat Flap can store up to 32 cats and it’s well-matched with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips. Battery powered using 4 AA batteries which last up to a year with normal use.

Stunning Savoy Chicken Coop Traditial Style Hen House vs Pedigroom 5060336441613 pricing

The Savoy Chicken coop 150cm(W)x 100cm(D)x 96cm(H), was intended to more improve it is remaining, awesome, great build quality. Now is your chance, to keep chickens in a secure and safe environment in your garden which is easily cleaned, maintained and will last for many years. The galvanised pull out metal tray is easy to clean and may be pulled out from the front or back of the coop, see pictures. The roof now opens giving you access to all parts of the coop so you may be able to combat red mite, other parasites and maintain the cleanliness of your Savoy coop. The Savoy coop wood paneling is tongue and groove shaped boards which are both nice and strong. This results in a practical and nice chicken coop. Totally fox evidence. Made from animal friendly treated timber, intended to last for many years. 4 elimination perches, 2 nest boxes with 6 compartments. Comes flat filled in two boxes, requires assembly, clear information. Your coop was ergonomically intended (exactly made) to make the most economical use of space and light. The Savoy coop was intended to keep your pets in and predators out products can only be delivered to mainland UK (excludes Northern Ireland and the UK islands). Excluded post codes (beginning with): AB31-38,41-45, 51-56, BT, FK19-21, HS1-9, IM, IV1-28,30-32, IV36, IV40-49, IV51-56, KA27-28, KW1-3,5-17, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH1, PH5-10, PH15-26, PH30-44, PO30-41, TR21-25, ZE1-3.

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