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ChainLink Fencing 6ft 25mts


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General Information

ChainLink Fencing 6ft High Fencing Green PVC Coated 25mts – features:

  • PVC Green Chainlink Fencing 6FT High – 25 Meter Roll –
  • Top Quality Chainlnk Fencing.
  • 1800mm wide, 25mts length

CHAIN LINK FENCE SYSTEMS ARE THE MOST cheap RESIDENTIAL FENCING choice. By VALUE, NO OTHER kind of FENCE CAN give you MAINTENANCE FREE PROTECTION AND TIME-TESTED DURABILITY WHILE EASILY FITTING INTO YOUR HOUSEHOLD BUDGET The below list will incur a extra charge email or call for a rate Scotland AB31-AB38,AB41-AB42,AB43-AB45,AB51-AB56,KW1-KW3,FK19-FK21,all HS postcodes all IV postcodes,KA27-KA28,KW5-KW17,PA20-PA49,PA60-PA88,PH1,PH10 PH5-PH9,PH15-PH26,PH30-PH44,PH49-PH50,all ZE postcodes all of Northern Ireland and Ireland other zone may incur a surcharge, email us for prices.

ChainLink Fencing 6ft 25mts – compare with similar products:

25 Metres Chain Link 900mm x50mm x2.5mm

Our chain link fencing is a high quality wire mesh netting (1. 7mm dia. Wire) coated in green PVC plastic (coated wire dia. 2. 5mm). With our 40yrs experience in the trade we have the knowledge to choose and supply only the best quality merchandise at the lowest prices. Merchandise selected and supplied by the people that use them everyday. Supply A CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR THE DELIVERY DRIVER. Feel free to contact us directly for technical info or advice :- John Underwood Tel: 01789 209220 or 07901 551166 (7 days a week). Where UK Mainland (or United Kingdom) delivery is offered this mentions Standard Rate UK Postal Delivery regions only and not the Highlands and Islands or any premium rate UK Mainland places as defined by the Post Office or our different accepted carriers. We’re also unable to deliver some of our bigger and heavier products outside of the Standard Rate area. If your delivery is influenced by this your order will be suspended till we have informed you by email of any extra charge that could be incurred and will include the choice of a full and direct refund if you have already paid as early as you confirm how you want to continue. If not sure enquire before you purchase to save disappointment. PVC coated hexagonal wire chain link fencing may be used for garden fencing, sports fencing, perimeter fencing, security fences and may more applications. We tell that the fence is installed using tools suited for the job, as well as straining tools.

Eggshell Run Extension for Mayfair 100 Fox Proof 3mm Welded & Wire for Chicken Coop Hen House Ark Poultry Run (NO SHIPING TO NORTHERN IRELA

RUN EXTENSION FOR EGGSHELL MAYFAIR MODELS exactly intended to extend your Eggshell Mayfair model by 1. 4m. It comes with coated 3mm welded wire which makes it 100 fox evidence and prevents attacks from other predators. It also gives the model an in general sturdier feeling than using normal 1mm chicken wire used by other businesses. Standard chicken wire may be penetrated by foxes so leave you and your kids with a devastating loss of your loved birds. This run extension is suggested to accomodate more birds if free range isn’t possible.

Chicken Wire 900mm wide x 50m Long (21223)

This offer is for a new high quality roll of Chicken Wire – Superior Hot Dipped Galvanized 2″ mesh size ( 50mm hole size) 35″ roll width ( 0. 9m) 50 meter roll length ( 164 feet long) 20 gauge There are many uses for this kind of wire mesh, aviaries, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, fishpond cover, tree and shrub protection, fencing,concrete reinforcement etc.. May be easily bent and cut to size.

Electric Fence Complete Starter Kit for Poultry

This VOSS. Farming Poultry kit holds everything you have to fence your poultry in carefully. Included is a 230 volt energiser and electric orange “Euro” poultry netting which is ideal for anybody who keeps ducks, chickens, geese or turkeys. The netting has a narrow mesh construction, which prevents little chicks from slipping through and a height of 112 cm, which protects your poultry from predators like foxes, martens and cats. The Extra Power 230-volt energiser gives maximum animal safety. This complete starter kit for poultry also holds grounding posts and all the needed cables. A large range of accessories are included like a digital fence tester and the needed warning signs to point to an electric fence. This compete poultry starter set from VOSS. Farming may be installed and set up in some easy steps and without special tools. Contents : 1 x 50 m “Euro” poultry netting, 112 cm, 1 spike 1 x VOSS. Farming “Extra Power 230 V” 230-volt fence energiser 1 x VOSS. Farming special grounding post, angle profile, 100 cm 1 x VOSS. Farming fence supply/earth connection cable, 3 m 1 x VOSS. Farming fence connecting cable for tape/netting, 5 m 1 x VOSS. Farming digital fence tester 1 x “WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE” warning sign.

Electric Fence "Extra Power 9V" – 9V Battery Energiser

This powerful 10,000-volt shock strength has 0. 22-joule shock power all while using only 9 volts. It is ideal for smaller fencing jobs up to 3 km with little vegetation. It is perfect for mobile use because of its compact size and the useful carrying recess. It also has the choice of storing 9 V batteries inside the energiser. This energizer is fitted with a big control LED, which lights up in sync with the impulses which assist you quickly see if the battery is flat or not or if there’s a fault with the device. All needed accessories, like grounding post, connecting cable and warning sign, are supplied with the delivery. Contents : 1 x Fence connection cable 1 x Ground connection cable 1 x Grounding post 1 x “WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE” warning sign 1 x Set of instructionsTechnical Specification of the Energiser Power source: 9 volts, 12 volts, 230 volts Stored energy: 0. 22 Joules Output energy: 0. 15 Joules Voltage in open circuit: 10000 volts Voltage with 500 Ohm: 2500 Volts Power intake: 25 mA Dimensions W x H x D in mm: 250 x 290 x 160 suggested number of ground rods: 1pc. (Included) Animal type: Cattle, Pony, big dog, Poultry, Cat, Pig, Heron, Dog over 20 kg, Horse Fence length Theoretical fence length under laboratory conditions (1500 V): 4 km Fence length, without vegetation: 3 km Fence length, little vegetation: 1 Fence length, heavy vegetation: 0. 3 km.

Electric Fence Rope 500m 6mm, 3x Copper + 3x Stainless, White-

The best-selling “premium class” rope – professional quality for the highest demands in animal safety. This electric fence rope from VOSS. Farming is our complete top-of-the-range product, and offers you the highest degree of animal safety for long, complex fencing systems. It was constructed to meet the highest demands and is suited for tending any kind of animals. The perfect mix of materials – stainless steel, copper conductors and thick PE threads – assures remaining conductivity and robustness. Over this, the bundled conductors have the extra effect of keeping the fence voltage constant with low resistance.

Professional Fox Buster Electric Poultry Net – 50m x 1.22m Close Mesh vs ChainLink price

Its simple – this net is the gold standard of poultry nets It has all the features of our premium fox buster nets but with 5 extra tall (1. 25m) heavyweight and tough double pronged corner/angle posts and 9 extra tall posts which give you unrivalled stability and strength. Great for uneven and undulating ground or in especially windy and weather beaten regions. No sagging, no shorting and more zap To give your poultry the best protection possible use The Professional. The Professional is 1. 22m high by 50m in length, the posts are black and the net is black green, has close mesh (7. 5cm by 5cm sq) for the bottom 3rd of the net and will include: five 1. 25m by 19mm double pronged corner/angle posts nine 1. 22m by 15mm double pronged posts galvanised peg set for securing the bottom line heavy responsibility mesh construction – close mesh bottom 3rd man ropes and pegs for the end posts and better stability a fix kit and a warning sign A very strong and tough net which keeps not only the fox but all predators at bay and is easy to put up and take down. Till now access in and out of an enclosure was far from annoyance free. Our Hot Gate system lets access without the have to disconnect the energiser or untie fiddly cords. You may be able to now carry a water can in one hand and open the Hot Gate with the other using the completely insulated handles. The 1. 22m Hot Gate is available in our Amazon shop and can be added/connected to this net. Now this net does not come with a Hot Gate.

Fi-Shock Electric Fence Garden & Pet Energizer 5 Acre Coverage

Fi-Shock Garden & Pet Energizer Use the Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer from Fi-Shock to protect your garden, flowerbeds and ponds from unwanted critters and careless pets. This charger powers your electric fence and runs on two D-cell batteries, making it perfect for regions without electricity. Under best conditions, this Fi-Shock energizer electrifies up to one mile of fencing and can protect up to five acres. The power output measures 7. 5KV +/- 20 open circuit voltage. The Garden & Pet Electric Fence energizer is not just for wild animals, either. Use this charger to train your pets and keep them from damaging vegetables, fruits and flowers Fi-Shock offers a one-year restricted warranty on the Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer. The package will include an installation instruction booklet and an optional mounting stake. Features: Light-responsibility energizer perfect for garden protection Electrifies up to one mile under best conditions Pulsing output for improved safety Powered by two D-cell batteries Perfect for regions without electricity.

Hotline 25mt Poultry Electric Kit With Gate , Deluxe Chicken Electric Kit, Complete Poultry Kit vs ChainLink review

Deluxe 25mt Poultry Fence Kit with Gate System useful one box solution will include 25mt of green poultry netting with posts, fitted Gate System,that may be opened with the electric fence still on HLC80 dual power energiser, Four rigid corner posts and an earth stake. May be powered from 12v battery or from 220v mains. Requires battery or HT lead out cable (for mains) extra Nets may be added to this kit.

Electric Fence Netting Combination, 50m x 106cm, Includes Double Spike Posts; Great for Sheep, Goats, Lambs and Pigs

These 50 meters of professional netting has vertical struts that create no sag on the netting. This also helps to keep it stable on uneven ground. It’s 106 cm high and is particularly well-liked for use in sheep farming. There’s a closer mesh in the lower part of this pasture net so that bigger animals also as smaller animals may be carefully fenced. This kit will include 4 plastic posts, each with two spikes, which are easy to put into the ground. The netting has 10 horizontal polywires, 9 are equipped with stainless steel conductors that may be electrified. The non-live ground wire is strengthened with extra plastic filaments so that it’s particularly hard-wearing and lasting. Included also is a free fix kit. Contents: 1 x VOSS. Farming Euronet mix netting, 50 m, 106 cm, 2 spikes 1 x fix kit.

Electric Fence "DELTA 5" – Mains Energiser

Electric Fence “DELTA 5” – Mains Energiser This powerful 11,300-volt shock strength has 4. 7-joule shock power all while using only 230v. It has an LED display for your electric fence and grounding control that assists you easily detect faults on the fence. One of the many quality details of the “DELTA 5” energiser is that it can deal with light vegetation with ease. We suggest the 230-volt energiser for medium-sized fences up to 25 km. It is also suited for longer fences, up to 150 km. Contents: 1x VOSS. Farming “DELTA 5” 230 V energiser 1x “WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE” warning sign 1x Set of instructionsTechnical Specification of the Energiser Power source: 230 volts Stored energy: 4. 7 Joules Output energy: 2. 9 Joules Voltage in open circuit: 11300 volts Voltage with 500 Ohm: 4600 Volts Power intake: 6 watts Dimensions W x H x D in mm: 290 x 210 x 115 suggested number of ground rods: 3 pc. Number of connectable nets: 8 Animal type: Cattle, Sheep, Pony, Goose, Poultry, Deer, Chicken, Turkey, Pig, Goat, Horse, Roe deer Fence length Theoretical fence length under laboratory conditions (1500 V): 80 km Fence length, without vegetation: 25 km Fence length, little vegetation: 4. 5 Fence length, heavy vegetation : 2 km.

Hotline 16mt Poultry Electric Kit With Gate , Deluxe Chicken Electric Kit, Complete Poultry Kit vs ChainLink pricing

Deluxe 16mt Poultry Fence Kit with Gate System useful one box solution will include 16mt of green poultry netting with posts, fitted Gate System,that may be opened with the electric fence still on HLC40 dual power energiser, Four rigid corner posts and an earth stake. May be powered from 12v battery or from 220v mains. Requires battery or HT lead out cable (for mains) extra Nets may be added to this kit.

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