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Mini Convertible Style 0118 (Blue)


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General Information

Mini Convertible Style Kids Ride On with Rechargeable Battery (Blue) – features:

  • Brakes automatically when your child’s foot is off the pedal
  • Secure Seat Belt for Safety
  • MP3 socket with pre-loaded music
  • Flashing lights and sounds
  • Car Drives Forward/Backwards and Left/Right

The Mini Convertible Style Kid’s Ride On Car comes in a classic, blue design. The car is made from lasting, toughened plastic, finished in a blue high gloss. This is a battery Powered Deluxe Ride On which is rechargeable. It’s easy to assemble, and arrives with full information. The brakes automatically come on when your child’s foot is off the pedal. This car will include a secure seat belt so that your child can drive the car carefully. The car drives easily forwards, backwards, left and right.

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Rocket Range Rover HSE 2017 Model Electric Jeep – 12v – 5 Colours (White HSE) vs 0118 (Blue)

The Range Rover Mini HSE Style Ride on Car, is the final Kids toy with its high – Powered 2 x Motors, there’s no other Ride on Car that will match this amazing machine With its stunning looks and Upgraded Chrome super all-terrain Wheels intended for On Off-road surfacesThe 12V Jeep is an amazing ride on car which reaches speeds of up to 6klm effectively With its amazing looking Alloy Wheels, Opening Doors, Tinted Windscreen, Twin Exhausts, Wing Mirrors and Realistic Dashboard this really gives the driver a realistic Driving experience – this great ride on car is the ideal choice for the younger Rider. Suggested age from 2 – 6 years – based on child’s size, most suited for all ages with a maximum rider weight of 30kg. The great new Upgraded Ride on Jeep also comes with Safety Seatbelt, completely Rechargeable Batteries, Multifunctional Steering Wheel, Realistic Noises and MP3 plug in with volume control. The car also comes with a High and Low Speed Setting, Music and Light modification, and parental control. It’s generally Parents discretion as to the era of the rider. All Ride on Cars come with Battery chargers, information and tool kit. Key Features: Realistic Dashboard, 2- Powerful Motors, New Design Body, MP3 Plug In, USB, Memory Card, Realistic LED Dashboard, comfy Seat and Adjustable Seatbelt, Tinted Windscreen, Upgraded Chrome Wheels, Working LED Lights, Realistic look, Four Wheel Suspension, Opening Doors, Parental Control, Forward, Reverse Switch, Battery display, in depth specifications: 12v Motor, Foot-Peddle, Dash Board and Horn, High-torque gear percentage, All Terrain front and rear Tyres, Realistic working Lights, Forward – Reverse Gears , Opening Doors, Max rider weight: 30kg, Power Output: 2 x Powerful Motors completely Rechargeable Batteries completely auto Rev and Go Motor Top Speed: 6klm ( weight reliant ) Battery Power – 2 x 6V4. 5A.


IN STOCK NOW AND prepared FOR direct DISPATCH This New model also will include an MP3 Player Input, Battery display and also a rubber strip on wheels for extra grip. Let your kids have some ‘off road’ fun with this great 2 seater 4×4 style truck – features powerful twin motors, 12V battery and full parental remote control completely operational ride on car that your kids can drive themselves, in or outside at speeds of up to 6km/h, or give them a hand with the full function radio control 2 speed forward and reverse gears and working front lights. Big scale with chunky wheels, wing mirrors, working lights, horn, indicators and full function remote control with 100ft range. Tough construction with metal axles, your kids will have hours of fun with this car, and when they go to bed, you may be able to drive it round yourself with the remote control This truck is powerful, and not suggested for younger kids. It’s suited for use on flat grass as the twin motors are powerful In the interests of your child’s safety, your safety and the safety of others, we must ensure that you completely understand the suggested terms for these merchandise. Your ride on battery operated car must not be used on any public highways – like roads or pavements. The car should only be used on private property with the permission of the owner. Proper protecting equipment like a safety helmet and knee and elbow pads should be worn at all times. Kids should be overseen by an adult at all times when using the car. It’s essential for your child’s safety and optimum performance of the product that you completely read and follow all information before use. This will include info on the charging of the battery. If not sure – contact us for more advice.

Renegade Maverick RS 24v 4 x 4 Child’s Electric UTV – Blue

The Renegade Maverick RS 24v is the 1st UTV and 4 Wheel drive ride on that we have added to our range of child’s battery operated vehicles, and what a 1st it’s Some Ride On’s have the looks, others have the extras, the Renegade Maverick RS 24v UTV 4 x 4 has it all New for 2017 this striking Utility Terrain car (UTV) isn’t only 4 wheel drive but it has the style and character to make it stand out from the crowd, without compromising on the details. The Renegade Maverick RS has chunky wheels with distinctive red ‘shocks’ to catch the eye showing from under the wheel arches. It has a 2. 4G parental remote, so mom and dad can take over the wheel to aid younger drivers. There are LED lights and it comes with music of own also as Mp3 compatibility. This 2 seater 4 x 4 is big on looks, style, size and personality. So change the seat to the optimum driving position, fasten your safety belt and turn up the music, it is going to be a fun ride FEATURES.

New 2017 Model Official Licensed BMW i8 Ccept Twin Powered Electric Car Parental Remote Ctrol

OFFICIALLY LICENSED BMW i8 RIDE ON CAR. Forget all other copies on the market, this licensed i8 model is as close to the real thing as possible. 12 VOLT This 12 volt model is prepared to leave other electric ride ons in the a trail of dust. Boasting two motors powered by 12 battery the car can hit super speeds. Remaining Looks This official BMW i8 car boasts remaining looks and detail. Ensure your kid is the coolest kid on the block with this head turning design. Push button start, gear stick, headlights, backlights and alloys to make it appear like the real thing Parental Remote If your child is too young to control the car, this model comes with a parental remote, allowing you to control the car for them. The remote works like a bit remote control car. Steer left and right, forward and reverse. MP3 Player Input Let your child play their favourite music through the car, simply plug in any device with a head phone socket (connector cable provided) and let the tunes play through the car’s speakers. The car is made from quality moulded plastic that is built to last. Your child will enjoy hours of fun for a long time with this quality model. Available in only available in BLUE and WHITE. Button Start Music and sounds Parental Remote Control Rechargeable batteries (2x 6v 7Ah) Available in Blue and White Top Speed: 3-6km/h Foot Accelerator Front and rear lights handling (depending on constant play): 1hr Motor: 2 x 35w Charging time: 6-12 hours Max Weight Load: 30kg Approx Dimensions: 127 cm (L), 76cm (W), 52cm (H) EN71, EN61125 EU toy safety standard Small assembly obliged pictures shown are a guide. In some cases stickers or certain panels may differ from that shown. If you are buying two of these things be aware that when using the remote control every car works on the same frequency.

Rocket Cruiser Police Deluxe 12v Electric Motorbike – 4 Colours (Black)

This mini copy bike looks just like a real police bike. Intended for kids, longed-for by dad, we do not stock a grown-up variant so you will just have to watch on as your kids enjoy hours of mean but stable 3-wheel fun. This brand new model features 2 forward speeds, a reverse gear, battery charge meter and an mp3 plug-in to blast out those tunes.

New 2017 Model Official Licensed BMW S1000R Electric Motorbike Sports Pocket Motor

BMW S1000RR RIDE ON BIKE BRAND NEW OFFICIALLY LICENSED BMW S1000RR RIDE ON ELECTRIC BIKE Forgot all other copies on the market today, look no more than this officially licensed bike. Remaining features and awesome looks 12 VOLT This 12 volt model is prepared to leave other electric ride ons in the a trail of dust. Boasting two motors powered by 12 battery the bike can hit super speeds. But, if your child isn’t prepared for top speed this bike has to offer, then it does feature a high and low switch. Low speed will let the bike softly cruise. The quick will ensure the bike hits it is top speed. EVA SOFT TYRES This model features lasting eva soft tyres. A hard plastic that not only look great and like the real thing, however means no punctures. They are also able to manage most surfaces. REMOVABLE STABILIZERS This licensed BMW model can be ridden with or without stabilizers. If your child is confident to ride bikes on two wheels simply leave the stabilizers off. The stabilizers are attached via a heavy responsibility screw. KEY START Start the bike with a BRANDED BMW key, the bike will play sounds just like a motorbike. The bike includes lights and acceleration by pedal rather than turn grip. The car is made from quality moulded plastic that is built to last. Your child will enjoy hours of fun for a long time with this quality model. Available in in Black, Blue and Red. Key Start Engine Sounds Horn and effects Rechargeable battery (12v 7Ah) Black, Red, Blue EVA Soft Tyres Top Speed: 3-6km/h Foot Accelerator Stabilizers handling (depending on constant play): 1hr Motor: 2 x 35w Charging time: 6-12 hours Max Weight Load: 30kg Approx Dimensions: 110cm(L) x 47cm(W) x 69cm(H) EN71, EN61125 EU toy safety standard Small assembly obliged suited for 3 – 7 year olds.

White Bentley Car vs 0118 (Blue) price

Get your kids ranging and roving in this smart Bentley copy This is the new upgraded 12v model – with double the battery power and 2 motors this is THE car of of 2014 The parental remote may be used or the car may also be driven by the normal in-car controls by using the gearstick and pedal. The parental control can operate the car in forwards and reverse gears, and also turn the steering wheel left and right. Features: real Bentley Continental GT – This electric kids’ car is a realistic scale copy of a real Range Rover Evoque, and is licensed by Bentley Key Start – Realistic key start on the dashboard, turn a quarter turn, and hear the authentic engine start-up sounds. The key is a copy of the original Parental remote control – The ride on car may be used with the normal in-car controls, using the pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate from up to around 20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. Steering wheel sounds – The steering wheel buttons include horn and turn sounds. Seat belt – This kids’ car has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote choice. Working lights – The front headlights may be switched on and off using the dashboard switch.

Bug Electric / 12v Car Pink

Opening doors – Realistic opening doors. Optional 2. 4G parental remote control – The car may be used with the in-car controls, using the pedal, forwards/reverse gear-lever and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate from up to around 20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. The remote is Bluetooth connected so won’t be subjected to interference. MP3 player input – The car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds USB / SD Card input – The car also has slots on the dash allowing a USB device or SD card to play music played through the car speaker. Working lights – The front headlights may be switched on and off using the dashboard switch, the rear lights illuminate in reverse. Twin motors – Twin motors for each rear drive wheel means better performance on rougher surfaces or grass. Horn and music sounds – Steering wheel activated horn and music sounds. Twin speed – High and low gears may be selected. Battery meter – Dashboard mounted battery meter to point to left over playtime. Other info Available Colours – White, Pink Optional Parental Remote – Yes suited age range – 3-6 (or younger with full parental supervision) Charge time – 14 hours for a full charge Run time – Up to 1 hour from a full charge (based on the kind of use) Battery type – 12V (2 x 6V 4. 6Ah) lead acid Motor type – 2 x 12V 25W Maximum speed – 3. 5km/h suited operating surface – Firm, flat surfaces and flat lawns only Dimensions – 112cm x 69cm x 62. 5cm Box size and weight – 112 x 62 x 39cm, 17. 8Kg GW.

Range Rover Police Interceptor Electric 4×4 Jeep (White) vs 0118 (Blue) review

This new child’s ride on from Rocket is depending on the Ford Interceptor the bestselling new law enforcement SUV in American. This is the upgraded model with Leather Seats and EVA Tyres With all the added extras this 12v variant has we are expecting it to be just as well-liked with young law makers in this country as it has all the looks and style of the original also as all the gadgets your little one will have to uphold the law and keep the peace. There are flashing lights for back garden police chases and a propoganda deafening speaker to aid in pulling over speeders. It has 2 speeds also as forward and reverse gears for to get out of those difficult situations and a FM Radio, MP3 connection and USB and SD slot so their police adventures can have their own action sound track. On second thoughts maybe there will not be that much peace being kept after all, however there is sure to be lots of fun what is Included Parental Remote Control Hi/Low Speed Power Display Opening Doors Lights Police Lights deafening Speaker Key Start Volume Control FM Radio MP3, USB and SD slot Rear Suspension sound Reduction EVA Tyres Leather Seat.

Ricco S1788 "Black Powered Go Kart " Car

Shown Ride On Kart with Excellent Quality and Comfort. 6V 4AH Battery and 15W Motor, Front LED Light. High/Low Speed choice with a Foot Brake Pedal for easy control. Intended for Age: 3-8 Years Old, Max Capacity: 30 KGS, Max Speed: 3 KM/Hour. Product Size: 955563 CM, Net Weight: 11. 5KGS, Part Assembled, Charging Time:812 hours Driving Time: about 45 minutes.

1234-Buy 2015 NewMercedes S63 AMG Car 12V twin motors + 2 forward speeds + mp3 input + music volume ctrol, available in colour Bla

This stylish electric kids ride on car is well constructed and has top quality paintwork. It has working headlights and music included and when it’s assembled it is dimensions are 120 x 70 x 52cm. It’s suited for kids aged 3 to 8 years. A Parent Control is included. Purchase today for a great gift for any occasion.


LICENSED AUDI TTRS DOOR OPEN Introducing the officially licensed Audi TT RS. This well-constructed, amazing ride on car has a range of smart features. Our model comes equipped with Opening Doors also as front + rear working LED lights so your child can enjoy an authentic driving experience. This luxury ride on comes in 5 stunning colours: Black, Red, White and Yellow Blue. When it comes to safety this car has all the needed features. Also as being fitted with a secure safety belt, parents will be reassured that they have the choice to take over the controls with the parental remote feature. And no ride on car could be complete without its sound features. Also to the horn and engine sound effects this ride on has an Mp3 input, USB Port and SD Card Slot so your child will never be without their favourite music. Fun features of this model will include: Specification Officially Licensed: Audi Model: TT RS Colours: Black, Red, White and Yellow Rechargeable Battery: 6V 4. 5Ah Charge time: 6-12 hours (Full Charge) Drive time: Approx 1 hour (Full Charge) Parental Remote Control Remote Control Range: 20m (5) Foot Accelerator: Auto Brake on Release Motor Model: 550#/12000RPM Motor: 35W Top Speed: 2. 5-5km/h Age Group: 3 – 8 years old Max User Weight: 30kg Single Seater: Width 33cm Seat Belt: Safety Lap Belt box size: 104L x 54W x 29H (cm) G. W. /N. W. : 14/12. 3kgs certification: EN71, EN61125 EU toy safety standard Approx Dimensions: 103cm (L), 62cm (W), 43. 5cm (H) Features Button Start Ignition Horn / Music Sound Effects Volume Control Mp3 Input (3. 5mm Cable Supplied) Working Front + Rear LED Lights Battery Power display High / Low Speed Forward / Reverse Opening Doors English Learning Mode Storytelling Mode Nursery Rhyme Singing Mode TF (Micro SD) Card Slot USB Port Contents 1 x Car Assembly Tools (Some) 1 x Fittings Pack 1 x Remote Control 1 x Charger.

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