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Pressurised Pond Filter PFC-20000


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General Information

Pressurised Pond Filter System PFC-20000 with built in 18w UV Steriliser and 10000 Pond Pump – All Pond Solutions – features:

  • Built in 18w UV filtration with on/off light indication
  • Simple Quick Handle Cleaning System for Easy Maintenance (no need to open and clean foams all the time)
  • PFC-20000 Pressurised Filter Max Flow Rate: 10000L/h (10000L/h pond pump included)
  • Flexible hose NOT included
  • 4 x Coarse foams, 3 x Fine foams – with quick handle cleaning system for simple maintenance

Pressurised Pond Filter with fitted 18w UV 20000 Litres and 10000L/H pond pump complete pond filter system.

Pressurised Pond Filter PFC-20000 – compare with similar products:

Hagen Laguna PressureFlo 12000

High performance water filtering system that keeps pond water clear and healthy;may be installed in or above ground; 16-foot long power cord;will include 25-watt UV lamp and bubble media;Clogging display tells you when cleaning is needed;Water flow of 1580 gallons per hour when high load of fish in sunlight; Water flow of 3170 gallons per hour when low load of fish in shade.

Eheim Classic 250 External

By picking a classic you will not go wrong. Because you have chosen a dependable, millionfold tried and tested part of equipment. All models perform to the highest quality standards. 1st class parts and carefully paired features ensure perfect pump and filter performance. Also, you have the proverbial EHEIM calm running, robust durability and low  energy intake. You’ll be pleased.   Eheim Product Number 2213520.

Refugium 500 Full Kit

Kit Consists of : Refugium 500, Spray Bar, Piping, Mineral Mud (Caribsea), Coral Sand, Pump 200 (max. 400lph) and Light. Note: When buying from international countries using 110/120volt / 60 hertz, send a covering email about this and l will send pump and light to go with the output. Intended to hang-on the side or back of an present aquarium.

Unique Koi K1 media 50L 4 paths movg bed medium media beads

Thismicro-size K1 filter media was particularly worked on for the aquarium. With a diameter of 11 mm and a height of 9 mm each, they fit into any aquarium filter. Bacteria, that are essential for the circle of nitrification settle to K1 Micro. Caused by its distinctive construction the medium has compared to many other static filter media an huge protected area for buildup. Moreover, the water goes rather gradually through the medium, preventing a fast washing of the priceless biomass. Features – An bigger area for settlement than K1: 950 m protected surface per m filter medium – For freshwater and saltwater aquariums – Sustainably degradation of ammonia and nitrite – Excellent biological results.

Oase Surface Skimmer Biosys Skimmer +

Abmessung in mm (LxBxH) 580 x 400 x 450 Abweichung Wasserpegel max. 100 mm in Skimmeröffnungsbreite 220 mm in Schmutzkorbgröße in mm (LxBxH) 410 x 175 x 285 Filterkorbvolumen in the 12 empfohlene Durchflussmenge 6000-16000 l/h max. Teichoberfläche bis in m ² 50 Stufenschlauchtülle in Zoll Anschluss – Ladies “bis 1 ½ inch Pumpanschluss in Zoll 1 ½” bis 2 ensure 3 2 = 5 Jahre Bestell-Nr. 57137 Wall Installation straight to the edge of a pond, easy Installation by bridage to the surface of the water, easy to clean thanks to the removable carrier, auto reimbursement of variations in the level of water up to 10 mm. Nécessite a filter pump choice aquamax eco-premium (without Strainer) that may be hold in the bedroom of fitted pump. Compris in the delivery: Cover in fake Rock.

Tetra 26596 Waterf , Up to 1000Gon

The Tetra Waterfall Filter creates beautiful waterfalls quickly and easily. The mesh bag lets for the addition of bio-media for efficient filtration for ponds up to 1000 gallons. Easy to install and blend into landscape. Use with pumps 500 to 4000 gph. Creates waterfalls in any size pond; efficient filtration for ponds up to 1000 gallons.

Eheim Aeh2075370 Aquarium Pro 3 For 2075 Model vs Pressurised price

The high-tech external canister filters generation with priming support and full of groundbreaking technology for aquarium sizes up to 300gal. EHEIM professionel II is continuing the philosophy of the professionel series steadily and offers greater efficiency with more convenience. The big priming cylinder on the pump head isn’t only a special design element. The filter system is filled with this convenient priming support at "the push of a button" and now the system starts working. Complex priming rules for which every aquarium owner worked on his own more or less inconvenient and frequently also wet technology are now a thing of the past. The supplied hose adapter comes with 2 shut-off valves. When the safety adapter is mounted, the flow rate is adjusted with the combi-lever. If the hose connection is disconnected, the combi-lever is used but in conjunction with the red safety catch. The lever is simpler to use and flawed operation is virtually impossible. In the hose adapter th flow rate display displays the flow rate. This way you may be able to see the filter efficiency at a glance. EHEIM high performance ceramics, i. E. High quality ceramic parts, supply for calm uninterrupted operation characteristics. The high quality filter canister comes with practical filter baskets. Filter baskets are easy to take out and to fill.

JBL e1901 External Canister

 suited For Tanks 200 – 800 Litres Only 36 W energy intake means huge energy savings. 15 l filter volume for a high biological filter performance and little cleaning prerequisites. Prepared for connection incl. 19/25 hoses, tubes, suction cage, brackets plus suction holders and filter pump 1900 l/h pump performance which runs very silently. 4-year ensure.   Dimensions: 200 x 235 x 564 mm. It was only a matter of when the JBL CristalProfi e family could have an addition to the family.   As a common “greenline” agent, the big brother, JBL CristalProfi e1901, comes with an energy-saving pump head with a power intake of only 36 W at a flow rate of 1900 l/h A filter canister volume of 15L results in a especially high biological filtration capacity and makes it ideally suited for tanks with a volume between 300 and 800 litres. As a special feature, it has rolls on which the filter may be rolled forward for maintenance work in the cabinet, as an example, the rolls are intended so they’re vibration damping. As with all the JBL filters, this filter is prepared for direct use: Connect the supplied hose and tube accessories, press the start button some number of times, wait a minute till the water has flowed into the filter, then plug in – and let the filter do its job.

Eden External Aquarium Water Heater 521200w (200 Litres) vs Pressurised review

The Eden External Filter 521-200w with integrated 100w heater comes with the benefits of being a safe, compact and small-sized filter unit which performs to highest professional standard of water filtration with nearly silent operation. The motor is totally sealed and thermal-protected making sure dependability and lower power intake. Water is pumped although the interior multi-chamber filtering system as well as its efficient biological stage, ensuing in very clear water returning to the tank. The 521-200w is a professional canister filters, suited for both new and salt water tanks. Supplied with complete intake systems, hoses and connecting elbows with a spray bar, which gives for a better oxygen exchange at the water surface or with a flow deflector to change water direction. Self-priming start up by means of the cap used to fill the chamber, the easy open filter head opening decreases the risk of pouring water on the floor and the childproof lock make these external filters more dependable than any other. Vibration is at a minimum caused by the four rubber feet at the bottom of the filter container which also offer big stability and quietness; keeping away from direct contact with surfaces on which they’re placed. The integrated Eden 425 heater inside the filter precisely regulates the water temperature obliged and can be adjusted without the have to open the filter. Model:521-200wMax Tank Size:200 LitresMax Flow Rate:600 lph1st Stage Filter Volume:1,500cm2nd Stage Filter Volume:2,200cmChemical Volume:600cmBio Filter Volume:1,400cmPower:17+200wDimensions:180x290x420 WxDxH (mm)Comes supplied with a 1. 5m power cable for heater and filter.

Flal 305 External

The Fluval 305 External Canister Filter gives complete multistage filtration for aquariums up to 300 Liters 25 U. S. Gallons. The modular design lets for fast and easy maintenance while adaptable filter media chambers permit maximum versatility for basic to custom filter media configurations. Fluval 05 external canister filters offer fast troublefree maintenance features. These are instant priming liftlock clamps that supply easy access to the unit and an AquaStop feature that stops the water flow without the have to disconnect hoses. Supported by a 3year ensure. Black Silver 220 V 50 Hz 1000 LPH for aquariums up to 300 litres Instant Prime no need for manual siphoning Aquastop feature removes leaks andamp mess Updated rim connector for secure hose connection New clog free intake strainer Full setup andamp maintenance guide included on DVD 2 part Lock clamp Ribbed hosing Filter Media included 2 x bubble 3 x Carbon 70 g 3 x Biomax 200 g.

DD Media reactor

Completely Packaged Reactor inculding Pump kit The FMR 75 reactor is supplied with all of the things that you have to let you to get going. FMR reactor 1500l/h pump included 3 x lengths of clear plastic tubing Non return valve Flow modification tap 2 Grades of media sponges 8 x cable ties for securing the pipework Many reactors make it hard or impossible to refill the media without emptying out the reactor 1st as the central tube comes off with the cover. This and the lack of a lower diffusion plate means that the media fills the tube when you put the cover back on, making it hard to restart. The central feed tube on the FMR 75 is separate and so the cover may be removed easily leaving the tube and media in place so that it’s a simple matter to top up and to put the cover back on. Sounds evident but you could be amazed by how many reactors you can not do this with. There aren’t many screws to undo to take off the cover as it’s screwed on and sealed with a multi stage replacable seal at the top of the body.

Sicce Pressure Greenreset 40, black, 8000 litres / hour vs Pressurised pricing

40 Green Reset is a pressure Filter for a simple and efficient cleaning of the pond realisiert. Green Reset 40 isn’t a pond do it, however it’s a professional Filter with UV Light 20 Watt without pump it in relation to the size of your pond or pool may wählten. This Filter is suited for ponds with a capacity up to 16,000 litres of water as an example: if a pump 4000 l / h, it’s enough for a pond 5000–8000 Litres want to go for a pump 8000 l / h if for a small sea of from 8000 to 16,000 litres of water reicht. If the model of the lower quality, to See you may be able to find the Reset Green 25 Technical info: the water through a hub, then by the Bio-balls,, then the water thanks to the UV-C light, which may be sterilised crystalline Teichwasser. Effects on the technical data: Model Green Reset 40 Model UVC 20 Watt (included)-competitive pressure: 0,4 bar 5. 8 psi Inhaltsfilter: 40 litres of water (11 gallons) – 30 / 25 mm (0. 98 “)/1. 18 reports support for ponds up to 12,000 a capacity of up to 16,000 litres of water (related to the pump shall be assigned to) use with: lift the handle and rotate it clasps and in turn the cover the” clean “Position, press the handle to below. (if the Filter is buried just push the foot) for the Gesamtreinigung fungi.

Other Models:
PFC-8000-KIT EFU-10000 PT1500
S05602 C02302 A214
fluval 206 T701 Aqua 476
A216 GrWH01 2000EF
Vendor code+20 PT340 PF-20000
UK 770A 1557B1240 A1442
FMR75 2000EF+ A211
1554B1240 N200 Full Kit Vendor code+19
A144 S05202 fluval 406
H2213.05 A410 C02202
C02502 A212 A475
CUV-172 Vendor code+15 S05302
PM337 RO-100MP 1400EF+
Aqua 477 62361-SuperVac PFC-12000
A202 1349B1240 A219
A201 A207 PT1502
C02200 A218 a219
C02300 T700 PT1506
FAL-01-12 C01315 C02402
TC20 Aqua 212 A217
C02102 STK0114003769


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