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RoboVac XD Robot


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Do you have a busy life leaving you no time for household chores? Then you need the RoboVac to save you. The smart vacuum cleaner will do all your hoovering for you, leaving you more time to take pleasure in yourself. Just give it a charge, turn it on and off it’ll go, the robot vacuum cleaner will vacuum your floor, its smart on board computer will work out you floor and ensure no part is left uncleaned. The RoboVac XD works in the following way, 1st it sweeps your floor with its rotating brushes and dusting brush working in tandem to break up and loosen any dug in dust. The powerful suction then sucks all the dirt and dust into its generous dust storage compartment. With the UV light active, you ca be rest guaranteed that any bacteria living in your carpet will be neutralised. The RoboVac comes with 5 different cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning mode, Edge cleaning mode, Mute cleaning mode, ZigZag The RoboVac comes with advanced sensors so that it can tell if there’s an object or gap and carefully navigate around it. If there’s an area you do not want the vacuum to go then you may be able to use the useful virtual wall. When the charging station is plugged in and on the iRoboVac will make its way to this when it’s low on battery, meaning you do not have to worry about battery running out halfway through a cleaning cycle. With the mop attachment you may be able to use the RoboVac on your kitchen floor also. The RoboVac comes complete with all obliged attachments and spare brushes and is easy to take separately with the wheels and brushes being easily removable to clear out any blockages, plus it comes with a 12 month warranty (subject to satisfactory uses).

RoboVac XD Robot – compare with similar products:

ECOVACS ICS WINBOT 950 – Window cleaning with SMART DRIVE system

The award winning Window Cleaning Robot WINBOT 950 with big cleaning pad, groundbreaking features and advanced technology, delivers quickly clean windows. The proprietary SMART DRIVE system enables WINBOT 950 to navigate independently with the touch of a button. The 4-stage cleaning procedure cleans framed or frameless windows, sliding glass doors, shower stalls, glass railings and more. Inside or outside. The calm, advanced suction fan keeps WINBOT 950 attached to the glass and sophisticated sensors detect and protect your window.

AiWorld Voice Prompt ic With Water Tank and Big Dustbin, Mopping, 3D UV Length 16.5CM, Automatic Floor Cleaning Self Chargin

Features: 1. Battery capacity with 2200 Lithium battery, charging 4-6 hours, working 1. 5 hours. 2. Suction power 1200Pa, dust, hair, big debris like screws may be cleaned proficiently. 3. 3D UV Sterilization, length around 16. 5cm, kills bacteria on the floor, dustbin and suction inlet proficiently. 4. Big dustbin 0. 9L, just clean it once a week. 5. Special mopping cloths, the coarse grain mopping cloth is best for cleaning dirty and wet floor, the good grain mopping cloth best for drying the floor. 6. LED indicators show the working position, easy operation. 7. Remote control, you may be able to control your robot remotely. 8. Intelligent voice prompt in auto running, charging, malfunction, dustbin full, and abuse, water use up. 9. Auto-charging, the robot will return to home base for charging before power is use up. 10. Nonsense detector, the cleaner will change the suction power automatically when dustbin is full, the robot will make a sound to remind the user. 11. Schedule working: robot will start to work at the scheduled time every day, or different times everyday. 12. Low sound design gives 40db throughout wet cleaning and recharging and 60db throughout max cleaning. Plans:Type: CycloneInstallation: fitted / Central Certification: CB, CE, EMC, GS, RoHS, ULPower (W): 30Voltage (V): 14. 8 Function: Vacuum, Sweeping, MoppingBig Dustbin: 0. 9L Smart Water Tank: 0. 65LSide brush: 2 PairsPackage Contents: 1 x Cleaner1 x Charging Dock Station1 x Remote Control1 x Power Adapter1 x Virtual house1 x Trailing Bar2 x Mop1 x Suction inlet1 x Cleaning Brush1 x HEPA1 x Instruction Manual1 x Small Dustbin1 x Water Tank4 x Side BrushWarranty: 12 months. Refund and exchange policy: same as that of Amazon.

i Roomba 605

Roomba 605 features a patented 3-stage cleaning procedure with counter-rotating brushes and a powerful vacuum to take off dirt, dust, hair and other debris from your floors. Roomba 605 is easy to use – just press CLEAN and iRobot’s iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology enables Roomba to find its way around the room, making sure every area is protected for a complete clean. As with all Roomba models, Roomba 605 has a spinning side brush to clean along wall edges, is compact enough to navigate under and around furniture, avoids stairs and other drop-offs and will automatically return to its Home Base to recharge between cleaning cycles.

ic Intelligent Automatic Floor Cleaning Household Sweeping with Handle ic Sweeper for Pets Hair, Green

Parametres: Material: ABS Vacuum suction: 800 Pa Charging voltage: AC110-240V (50Hz-60Hz) Operating Voltage (V): 14. 4V sound (dB): Less than 65db Battery Capacity (mA): Samsung 1300mAh / 7. 2V Battery Type: Li-ion Ideal running time: 90min Full recharge time: 3-4 hours Capacity (ML): 0. 3L Product Diameter: inch φ13. 38 Cleaning width: 240mm Package weight: 1. 5kg Product size (L x W x H): 286X65mm.

ILIFE A6 ic , Piano Black

Systematic cleaning, Powerful suction, Without tangled troubles A whole new home cleaning level ILIFE A6 introduces the advanced Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system and the 10X suction by Gen 2 motor easily picks up dust, pet hair and big debris like cereal. With a super thin 2. 8 inches body design A6 can perfectly fit under most furniture, like beds and sofas. The best performance with 160 minutes working time Li-on battery ever is specially intended for big home. Better detection capability assures ingenious reaction to drop and obstacle in extra to a more customized cleaning plan with virtual wall function you’ll enjoy. Tangle Free Technology With deep cleaning BladeAway spiral blad rubber brush, it not only has the high-powered dirt pickup capability and all floor surfaces tasks handled, however also it solves the toughest issue caused by tangled brush that majority robot vacuums faced. Elegance is approach The only 2. 8 inch lower profile bodywith the tempered glass top cover, and covering the jet black finish, presents you is so stylish,thin and indeed black. With the Q shaped LED breathing display, A6 isn’t only a cleaning partner, it is like a friend at home. Extra-Long lasting Battery Up to 160 Mins working time on a single charge over all other robot vacuums, cleaning more regions with less recharging to extend the lifespan of battery. The advanced dual mode Electrowall The advanced dual mode electrowall creates an invisible barrier that A6 will not cross. That makes it simple to restrict A6 to a specific room or area, and prevent it from to get too close to anything fragile or dangerous. It’s away from ones by blocking openings of up to roughly 10 feet create a halo of protection around itself.

ILIFE V5s Pro ic with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Mopping Floor Cleaning

ILIFE V5s Pro One robot. Two cleaning choice Dry vacuuming by dust bin/moist mopping by water tank, easily shifts and perfectly complements for a thorough cleaning. 0. 3 L Intelligent control water tank When robot stop, water is prevented from flowing out by water tank. Intelligent control water tank make your moist mopping safe, stable and economical. Upgraded wheels tackles Automatically changes to many floor types – tile, hardwood, thin, carpet, laminate & more. Smart features Automatically docks and recharge,programmable scheduling,anti-bump, anti-drop. Model:V5s Pro Color:Gold Remote control:Yes Filteration : main and HEPA Dust bin capactity:0. 3L Intelligent control Water tank:0. 3L Control:Touch screen Battery capacity:2600mah Power voltage:100-240V Power: 20W Charging type:Auto charging/Manual charging Cleaning mode:MAX/Auot/Spot/Edge/scheduling Charging time:250-300mins Cleaning time:120-140mins Package contents:robot vacuum x1,User manual x1,remote control x1,extra HEPA filter x1,extra sides brush x1,cleaning brush x1,AC adapter x1, Charging dock x1,mop cloth x1. Water tank x1.

ic , EVERTOP Smart Cleaning Sweeper for Hard Floor & Thin Carpet, Smart Infrared Induction Anti-fall & HEPA Te vs RoboVac price

Product Features: • Besides the infrared induction function for wall or furniture, It has the Cliff sensor function. • Smart intelligent 4 cleaning modes: concentrate on cleaning; Spot cleaning; ‘Z’ line cleaning; Edge cleaning. • Light detection function: it’ll not stop under bed or sofa when the battery is about to run out of Parameter: • Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner • Model: FD-2RSW(B) • Material: New ABS • Vacuum Suction: 860 Pa • Charging Voltage: Ac110-240V (50HZ-60HZ) • sound (dB): About 60-70db • Battery capacity (mA): 10. 8V 2100mAh Ni-MH battery • Battery type: NI-MH • Operating ideal time: About 60 mins • Full charging time: 3 hours • Capacity (ML): 0. 6L Dust Box Capacity Package Contents: • 1 x Vacuum Cleaner Robot • 2 x Corner Brush • 1 x Charger Adapter • 1 x Dustbin Box • 1 x User manual From EVERTOP: EVERTOP is a maker producing high quality merchandise and good buyer service to our customers global. Our product covers many household groups like cordless electric floor cleaner, window cleaner, kitchen & bathroom cleaner and more. Note: – The robot can’t climb over the connection between the floors like from hardwood to carpet. When it happens, help to move over the connection. It may get stuck in the place where there are obstructions on the floor. Make sure to get rid of the obstructions on the floor before to get our cleaner to work. – Besides, use our vacuuming cleaner on smooth floor like hardwood floor, tiles,marbles and etc. If you want it to work on carpet or rugs, be sure to use it on low pile carpet or rugs(High pile carpet or rugs will because it stuck)Working time: About 60 minutes after completely charged.

i Roomba 650 Cleaning – Black

Roomba gets into hard-to-reach places as well as under and around furnitureView bigger The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot removes dirt, debris and hair from all types of floors at the touch of a button. Featuring iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology, Roomba monitors the cleaning environment over 60 times per second, using many sensors and over 40 behaviours to maximise cleaning performance. It completely cleans your carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors, as well as in tight spots, under and around furniture and along edges. The 600 Series delivers greater easy use with superior hair handling capability – groundbreaking longer-lasting brushes handle fibres more effectively than ever, whilst AeroVac Technology maximises air flow through the cleaning head to pull debris off the brushes and into the newly intended bigger bin. The 650 can be scheduled to clean whenever you want – up to seven times per week, whilst the Virtual Wall barrier lets you to restrict Roomba to particular rooms or regions before it returns to its Home Base to dock and recharge between cleanings. All you must do is press “Clean” and let Roomba do the dirty work. The Roomba 600 series, which will include model 650 offers some enhancements over the 500 series. On the hardware front the 600 models has "AeroVac Technology" for an improved vacuuming system, an improved cleaning head module with better brush design and airflow, and a pop of colour on the top. The 600 series looks a bit nicer than the 500s, is a somewhat more economical cleaner, and its bin must be emptied less frequently, however most of the key features are unchanged. The 600 series is still intended for up to 110 square metres and works with optional virtual walls.

i Braava 390T Floor Mopping – White/Black vs RoboVac review

IRobot Brava Floor Mopping Robot helps you maintain clean floors, dry- or moist-mopping any hard- floor surface with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths. Intended to mop floors quickly and proficiently, the new iRobot Brava Floor Mopping Robot systematically covers your complete floor in a single pass. It’s so easy to use…just attach a cloth, put Brava down, press a button and off it goes, using advanced robotic technology to track where it´s been and where it needs to go. Advanced robotic technology to track where it’s been and where it needs to go.

Haier T325 Pathfinder ic Automatic Intelligent House cleaning Machine , Powerful Suction Self-Charging Updated TAC Anti-Collision

Updated TAC Smart Sensor Haier Pathfinder sweepers intelligence to prevent the crash, timely induction sensitive steering and protect furniture from damage. Auto Backfilled auto backfilled, no worries waste effort to pick it up and charging it Magic Wall Magic Wall to assist you clean the timing area, work inside certain limitations, in rigorous accordance with your information, to finish the task. Four types of Cleaning Mode a. Auto Cleaning: auto as indicated by the room layout, then plan routes; b. Concentrate on Cleaning: concentrate for the cleaning of the room hardest hit; c. Edge Cleaning: to places welt corner cleaning d. Reservation Cleaning: regular daily cleaning of the room. 3cm Super Climbing It has 3cm super climbing function 25 degrees climbing height, like the carpet on the marble, which can seeping from the marble to carpet. Wet and Dry Optional Independent humidification (180ml capacity, uniform peneration, independent humidification), to change the tranditional wet drag three drawbacks (local humidity, midway frequency water, wet and dry unevenness). Basic info Brand: Haier Type: T series Screen LED display Power: 25W Voltage: 14. 4V Capacity:2000mAh Ni-Mh(Batery Included) Working: 1. 5 hours Charging: About 2-3 hours sound: Less than 50db Dust box capacity: 0. 6L Speed (r / min):16000-18000 Suction values:800pa-1000pa Remote control range: Up to 4 meters Cleaning area: About 120 square meters Net Weight:3210g Package size 16. 5x47x42 cm Package weight:5200g What is in the box ? merchandise 1 x Sweeping Robot 1 x HEPA 1 x Magic Wall 1 x Oversized Rag 1 x Charger 2 x Brushes 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Romote Control.

Neato ics XV Signature , 0.4 Litre, 43 W, 4 Bar, Black

The Neato XV Signature Neato XV Signature auto Vacuum Cleaner it is a robot, and a vacuum. The Neato XV Signature is the smartest, most powerful robot vacuum. Its improved aerodynamic design hugs the floor for superior pick-up on all floor types. Neato’s distinctive square front and low profile design keeps it close to corners and walls for maximum pick-up of dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair – all without sacrificing suction power. It automatically moves from one floor type to another, and manages rugs with fringe. The Neato XV Signature comes with a high-performance filter which makes it a great choice for anybody with allergies or who is worried about dust. Makes your life easier and your home cleaner – come home to that “just cleaned” look.

i Roomba 621 Automatic Vac with Enhanced Xlife Battery vs RoboVac pricing

If you hate household cleaning this product is the one for you The Roomba 621 vacuuming robot offers an economical, groundbreaking way to clean your home without you having to lift a finger. This high performance vacuum cleaner features some smart technology that scans the environment over 60 times a second to help it navigate any form or size of home, covering every area of floor many times for a complete clean. Itll return to the base to recharge itself or alert you of when it needs emptying.

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