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Vax P86-P4-T Pressure


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General Information

Vax P86-P4-T Pressure Washer – features:

  • 2500 watt pressure washer for superior cleaning power and great overall performance.
  • 5m hose allows you to increase the distance of your clean. Clean further and higher.
  • 160 max bar pressure delivers the optimal pressure
  • 510/hr flow rate of water for cleaning extra large areas quickly

The Vax P86-P4-T is a heavy responsibility pressure washer high power cleaning for a large range of outdoor surfaces, perfect for your most challenging outdoor cleaning tasks.

Vax P86-P4-T Pressure – compare with similar products:

Ford FPWE2000 2320PSI vs P86-P4-T

BUILT FORD TOUGH The FPWE2000 pressure washer is powerful with a 2200W system that can supply a maximum pressure of 160 bar and rated pressure of 105 bar, with a maximum flow of 5. 5L/min. Fast CONNECT TURBO NOZZLES fast connect turbo nozzles let for spray nozzles to be changed quickly and effortlessly. 2320PSI Rear Entry fast Release with a HP Hose of 1/4″6M and a Hi-low lance wand. COMPACT STORAGE Upright Housing with wheels and Onboard Storage to easily store away compacted with its ideal hose reel feature. FORD OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT All Ford Power Equipment merchandise are Ford Official Licensed and have the Ford Official Licensed Product label, the buyer confidence when purchasing Ford Power Equipment merchandise. Fast specifications Maximum Pressure: 2320PSI / 160bar – Power: 2200W – Frequency: 50Hz – Max Amperage: 10 – Voltage: AC 220V-240V – Power Cord: 5m – Rated Maximum Flow: 5. 0L/m – Detergent Tank Capacity: 1. 14L – Starter Type: Electric – Wheels: 2 x 6. 8″ Ford 150 Chrome Look – Dimensions (LWH): 430 x 340 x 850mm – Net Weight: 9. 6kg – Gross Weight: 12. 9kg – Accessories: Spray gun with a 2 in 1 adjustable nozzle lance, pump to garden hose fast connector, water intake filter, detergent Tank, patio rotating cleaner and a hand brush adaptor.

Hyundai 3100psi HYW3100P2 Petrol

A petrol powered pressure washer powered by 212cc 4-stroke recoil start Hyundai petrol engine. Gives a maximum output of 3100psi and a flow rate of 10L/min for commercial and industrial cleaning prerequisites. Lightweight at just 45kg and fitted with big pneumatic tyres which makes this a movable pressure washer which is easy to transport. The tubular steel frame gives protection from the knocks and bumps of professional work, and includes a fitted handle for increased convenience. Equipped with a professional grade Annovi Reverberi (AR) pump which is built to last for up to 3000 hours, making it ideal for the stress of daily work. Supplied with four fast release nozzles and a turbo nozzle which can cut your cleaning time down by up to 25. The fitted unloader valve regulates the temperature of the pressure washer to minimise overheating. Water feed: Garden hose with Q/R connector. Must have enough volume to go with the pump flow rate. Not supplied with suction kit. Suited for gravity feed / mains supply. Shipping on the item is for UK non-expanded mainland regions only. Shipping surcharges can be incurred for other regions like Scottish highlands, outlying islands around the UK, IoM, IoW, Isle of Sky, Northern Ireland and Eire. It comes with a 1 year maker’s warranty, covering all parts and labour.

Powerplus Outdoor Garden 105 Bar 1500 Watt Power with Accessories & Patio Cleaner POWXG9020 – 3 Year Home User Warranty vs P-86-P-4-T

Powerplus Outdoor Garden 105 Bar 1500 Watt Power Pressure Washer with Accessories & Patio Cleaner POWXG9020 – 3 Year Home User Warranty Powered by a 2HP 1500 watt motor this completely auto stop / start machine produces 105 BAR constantly at the nozzle and delivers an remarkable 6 litres / min of water. Supplied with a range of fast fit attachments to tackle most jobs around the home. You get a lance with vario lance attachment to give either a fan or pencil jet spray, a turbo lance attachment, a high bubble sprayer with detergent control and a patio cleaner. Supplied with a 3 metre length of high pressure hose and 5 metres of power cable. Technical specification: • Nozzle Pressure: 105 BAR • Wheel Mounted • 6 litres / min flow rate • Vario Lance • Turbo Lance • High bubble Sprayer with adjustable detergent control • Patio Cleaner • 3 Metres High Pressure Hose • Water inlet adaptor • fast Release connections • 5 Metres Power cable • 3 Year Home User Warranty.

Karcher OC3

If you are a mountain biker, a dog walker, a camper or simply love spending time in the great outdoors, trailing mud into your car, tent or caravan is never a happy end to the day. What is more, leaving dried-on dirt on your outdoor equipment does not do it any favours – it is much better to rinse it off as early as possible. That is where the Krcher movable Cleaner comes in – a simple and lightweight solution for cleaning on the go. The movable Cleaner is easy to store in your car boot or caravan, with a 4 litre water tank and a 5 bar pressure that is perfect for rinsing off your bike, wellies, dog or pushchair at the end of a muddy day. When you are finished, the spray gun and hose stores away tidily, with extra accessory kits available for economical ad thorough cleaning of bikes, pets and outdoor equipment. This machine comes with a 3 year Karcher Center warranty.

Hyundai 3000 PSI 7 HP Portable Petrol HYW3000P

The Hyundai HYW3000P is a commercial petrol pressure washer with a maximum output of 3000PSI and a high flow rate of 10 litres per minute. The heavy-responsibility, Italian-made Annovi Reverberi AR pump is driven by a 7hp Hyundai IC210, 4-stroke petrol engine. As a professional pressure washer, the HYW3000P is able of producing a maximum output of 3000PSI, and a uninterrupted pressure of 2700PSI. All of these elements result in a clean which is both fast and efficient. One of the standout features of the HYW3000P is the soap detergent dispenser which sits towards the base of the machine and draws soap or cleaning liquid through when the black detergent nozzle is attached. This is greatly convenient and prevents the operator from needing to stop the cleaning task at hand to mix fluids manually. A regular 4 nozzle set is supplied with this pressure washer, also as a turbo nozzle which is rated up to 3000PSI and can improve the time you use up cleaning by up to a big 25 To protect the lifespan of the pressure washer it comes fitted with a thermal release valve which acts as a failsafe for when the water in the Annovi Reverberi pump becomes too hot. You may also protect the engine when the machine is not in use by folding the frame down over the engine by just removing the handle. This also means that the HYW3000P is an very easy pressure washer to store, taking up minimal space. Weighing only 39kg and fitted with big wheels, the HYW3000P is a easy machine to transport.

VRSPW3 , 2200W – Orange

Freshen up your patio and get your car gleaming this summer with the Vax 2200 W Pressure Washer. A powerful and versatile appliance, this useful pressure washer comes with a money of accessories as well as a turbo and jet nozzle, solution application bottle, and bundled cleaning solution. Ideal for decking, stone patios, sheds, alloys, wheel trims – the possibilities are endless. The powerful 2200 W motor and 160 psi maximum pressure assures that the toughest grime is no match for this one.

Wolf Blaster Max 2 Pro Power 2200 Watt 165BAR Pump With New ‘Click and Connect’ System Plus Accessories Including Patio Cleaner, Car B vs P86-P4-T price

Wolf Blaster Max 2 Power Washer Kit + Patio Cleaner + 1 Litre of Wolf Safari car Cleaner + 1 Litre of Wolf Power Force Extra Patio CleanerDeveloped from the famous Blaster Max the Wolf Blaster Max 2 incorporates many new and thrilling features and innovations into this powerful 165BAR pressure washer. Among the new features, Wolf has engineered it is new ‘Click and Connect’ system enabling you to swiftly change between attachments without wrestling with the more conventional bayonet connections used on most power washers. As you could expect from Wolf, there’s no agreement whatsoever on quality, choice of accessories and performance with the new Wolf Blaster Max 2. The new machine is powered by a high performing 2200w motor (a big 3HP), a smooth operating radial flow aluminium high pressure pump delivering an remarkable 165 BAR which produces a minimum constant nozzle pressure of 110BAR. The neat and easy to wind fitted high pressure hose reel and detergent tank enables safe, space saving and tangle free storage. Just look at all these accessories supplied with the machine:• High Pressure Lance with ‘Click & Connect’ hose fitting• Vario Nozzle with ‘Click & Connect’• Turbo Nozzle with ‘Click & Connect’• Angled Nozzle (for cleaning under cars and in guttering) with ‘Click & Connect’• Car brush with ‘Click & Connect’• Patio Cleaner with ‘Click & Connect’• High Pressure hose on reel – 5 metres longTechnical Specification:• Max Pump Pressure: 165BAR (2450psi)• Constant Nozzle Pressure: 110 BAR ( 1635psi)• Motor: 2,200 watts• fitted Detergent Container• Water Flow Rate: 5. 5 litres/min• Weight: 15kgNow supplied with 1 litre of Wolf Safari car Cleaner and 1 litre of Wolf Power Force Patio Cleaner, we’re convinced that you won’t fail to be impressed with the versatility and performance of this special cleaning set.

Draper 28019 1900W 230V with Total Stop Feature

Movable pressure washer for domestic use, assures economical cleaning of vehicles, caravans, motor vans, driveways, boats etc. The Total Stop Valve automatically activates and deactivates the high pressure cleaner every time the trigger is operated rising the life of the motor and decreasing electricity intake. Fitted with anti kink hose connector and supplied with 6M of high pressure hose on hose cart wheel. Lance with interchangeable turbo or fixed jet head, fitted detergent tank, rotating brush and cable with accepted plug. Specification:Working pump pressure 90bar (1305psi)Max. Pump pressure 135bar (1958psi)Flow rate 7L/min (420L/hour)Size approx. (inc. Handle) 295 x 265 x 600mmWeight 8. 7kg.

P1PE P73200T 4 Stroke 10 Litre Minute Flow Rate Petrol with AR Pump, 240 V, Black, 3200 psi vs P86-P4-T review

The P73200T is a powerful petrol powered pressure washer from P1PE (Position One Power Equipment), using a 208cc/7hp commercial grade petrol engine driving an Annovi Reverberi (AR) Triplex Pump. The P73200t produces an adjustable output up to 220 bar or 3200psi with a 10 L/min flow rate ideal for cleaning professionals in industrial, farming, heavy plant and commercial environments. Weighing 41 kg the P73200T is built using a heavy-responsibility powder coated tubular steel frame making it robust, this enclosed frame guards the engine and rubber mounted anti-vibration feet protects while in use. The two extra large diameter tyres let it to be moved across rough surfaces easily. The big ergonomic soft grip handle bar may be folded for compact storage and the fitted rear hose mount guards the hose from the hot exhaust. The lance features a nozzle holder which will keep everything organised when moving between jobs and lifting handle/eye makes manoeuvrability easier. P1PE use high quality Italian Annovi Reverberi (AR) high pressure pumps on their engine driven pressure washers to give maximum performance and longevity. The projected lifespan of these pumps can surpass 3000 hours. AR is one of the world leaders in pressure washer pumps. Annovi Reverberi Pumps features a detergent outlet for final deep cleaning and hose fitting that can fit a conventual garden hose. The fast release couplings on the pump, hose and trigger gun let you to swiftly get the job going and also to add extra hoses as obliged. Suited for the most calling for cleaning tasks the P73200T is the ideal industrial petrol pressure washer for the professional user. This unit is great for many applications from Heavy plant, farm machinery, skips, wheelie bins, patios, swimming pools, driveways. This is a cold water unit with the capability of being gravity or suction fed, tested up to the height of 2 m vertically from a water butt or ibcIn the box: P73200T, 8 m hose, lance gun, 5 nozzles, tool kit and user manualExpected lifespan can differ depending upon the maintenance of the pump.

Advanced Karcher Kleen K2.14 100 Bar —

The K2. 14 is a compact, lightweight and movable entry-level pressure washer – ideal for those sporadic outdoor domestic clean ups around the house, cleaning garden furniture, bicycles and cars. The ergonomically shaped handle makes the unit easy and comfy to carry. The unit has a maximum 100 bar pressure and 330L per hour is offered by the powerful 1300W common motor. The machine is fitted with a good mesh water filter preventing dirt particles damaging the pump and comes complete with 3m of high pressure hose and a dirt blaster lance. –.

TX460 Genuine Wilks-USA Petrol – 3.6HP 1950psi

Make light work of heavy cleaning with the Wilks-USA TX460 pressure washer. Producing a powerful peak of 1950PSI, it can clean whatever its faced with; be it dirt bikes, quads, boats or cars. It’s ideal for speedway, racing, MX and motorsports events, however is equally adept at keeping decks, driveways and everything else at home looking its best. Not only does it pack a punch, however it its light weight and can fit into the boot of your car. Your Wilks-USA TX460 makes an argument that sees the most stubborn dirt give up. But that does not make it a loudmouth – thanks to its powerful 3. 6hp four-stroke engine, it is as calm as it’s fuel-economical. And thanks to a compact and lightweight design, it packs an unbeatable power to weight percentage Cosmetic Changes and enhancements can be implemented without previous Notice.

WOLF 200 BAR, 3000psi, 6.5HP Heavy Duty Petrol Driven Power – Full Spares & Service Support – Kit Includes Gun, Lance, 4 Quick Fit vs P86-P4-T pricing

Wolf 200 BAR (3000psi) 6. 5HP Petrol Driven Power Washer Powered by a 6. 5HP 4 stroke petrol driven engine this power washer produces 200BAR (3000 psi) of pressure and delivers an remarkable 8 litres / min of water. Supplied with a range of 4 fast fit nozzle attachments to let for pencil jet, fan and detergent building to tackle most jobs. You get a heavy responsibility lance with 4 nozzles, a 6 metre length high pressure hose and detergent suction tube. Technical specification: • Wolf 6. 5HP OHV Engine • Maximum pressure: 200 BAR (3000psi) • Strong steel frame • Wheel mounted • Low oil level shut down • Thermal break valve • 8 Litres / min flow rate • Heavy responsibility Lance with 4 fast Fit Nozzles – Pencil Jet, High Pressure, Fan Jet & Soap/Detergent Nozzle • 6 metre high pressure hose • Fitted with all terrain wheels 8″ • Weight: 37Kg • Dimensions: W 450mm x L 500mm x H 790mm NEW well-matched patio cleaner now also available: Wolf Patio Cleaner for use with Wolf 200 Bar (3000psi) 6. 5 HP Petrol Driven Pressure Power Washer (106329) note that this unit will work from a water major or from a tank where the level of water may be maintained above the height of the water inlet to the machine. Be cautious to decide the correct 10m extension hose if you require this: B00MAAR61YSky Reacher Telescopic Lance available to buy individually – search B071J4YTF2.

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